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River Huntspill, Somerset Updated 27th July 2016
Kev Rowles won Sunday's Superleague practice match with 8kg 250grms on the feeder from peg 84 below Woolavington bridge, Clive Branson was second with 7kg 50grms on the waggler and Martin Barrett was third with 6kg 50grms.

Emerald Pool Fishery, West Huntspill, Somerset Updated 9th April 2017
Website - www.emeraldpool.co.uk

Top weight in the latest HLS match on Ruby and Sapphire was Paul Bowyer with 76lb 8oz of carp, Eric Searle was second with 56lb 15oz and Brian Chivers was third with 52lb 1oz. Best silvers on the day was Danny Danahay with 26lb 1oz, followed by Baz Morgan with 10lb 12oz and Pete Cooke with 7lb 9oz.

Hunstrete Fishery, Hunstrete Updated 18th March 2017  
The final match of the silvers league on Thursday was won by Steve Dawson with 26lb 8oz of mainly skimmers from peg 15, Dave Willmott was second with 24lb 6oz from peg 29 and Dave Wride was third with 23lb 13oz from peg 6. Callum Dicks won his section again which saw him take the league title.

Ivy House Lakes, Grittenham, Wiltshire Updated 2nd January 2017
Website - www.ivyhouselakes.com
It was hard going in todays match and David Halliday had the top weight with 19lb 1oz from peg 5 and for good measure took home the silvers pot with 3lb 12oz. Second place overall went to Chris Timms with 14lb 10oz from peg 4 and Eddie Marsh was third with 12lb 3oz from peg 6.

Todber Manor, Dorset Updated 25th March 2017
Website - www.todbermanor.co.uk
Ashley Tomkins won the match on Hillview today with 38lb of mainly carp from peg 41, Dennis Corrie was second with 33lb 12oz from peg 36 and Peter Neate was third with 32lb 2oz from peg 34. Top silvers went to Ben Dukes with 21lb 8oz from peg 44.

Windmill Fishery,  Westerleigh Road, Bristol Updated 10th April 2017
Keith Builder won yesterdays match with 87lb 3oz of mainly carp from peg 16, Bela Bakos and John Clarke tied for second place with 64lb 7oz from pegs 25 and 24. Dave Willmott won the silvers with 18lb 7oz from peg 10 and Mike Nicholls took second spot with 14lb 8oz from peg 3.

Durleigh Reservoir, Bridgwater Updated 19th August 2015
Craig Tucker won the Royal Marines match today with 36lb 8oz of bream on the feeder, close weights followed with Nigel Roberts taking second place with a similar net weighing a level 36lb and Ian Spence was third with 31lb.

Avalon Fisheries Updated 17th April 2017
Website - www.avalonfisheries.co.uk
Luke Pester had the top weight in the final teams of four match on Sunday with 116lb of mainly carp from peg 24, Tom Mangnall was second with 98lb from peg 27 and Paul Warton was third with 68lb from peg 48. Vic Bush had the top silvers weight with 32lb from peg 7.

Plantation Lakes, Kingston Seymour, Somerset Updated 16th February 2015
The PSV match on the Main lake yesterday was won by Chris Szakacs with mainly carp for 56lb 14oz from peg 5 and Darren North took the best silvers net with 15lb 12oz from peg 31.

Goodiford Mill, Nr Cullompton, Devon Updated 5th February 2017
Website - www.goodifordmillleisure.co.uk
John Carr silverfish open match
20 anglers fished the annual John Carr charity match today at Goodiford mill, despite the cold temperatures and heavy rain in the week leading up to the match the venue still fished quite well. First on the day was Graham Davey with 6k 980g, close behind in second place was Steve Barrell with 6k 950g, and in third place was Chris Boulton with 6k 900g....
Section winners were Elliot Fay with 5k 900g and Wayne Mitchell with 4k 300g

Thanks to everyone who fished today, we raised £60 for pancreatic cancer uk
The club would also like to say a huge thank you to Hatim Tall who generously donated to the cause.

Coking Farm, Gillingham, Dorset Updated 6th January 2013
The Tackleuk match today on Rush Lake was won by Chris Higgins with 42lb of carp.

The Sedges, Dunwear, nr Bridgwater Updated 18th April 2017
Website - www.thesedgesfishery.co.uk
The latest over 50's silvers match on Brick and Tile lakes was won by Ron Stark with 23lb 12oz, George Fletcher was second with 21lb 2oz and Eric Fouracre was third with 20lb 14oz. Section wind went to Wally Adcock with 20lb 10oz and Phil Clapp with 20lb 8oz.

River Tone, Taunton, Somerset  Updated 13th December 2015
Simon Garbutt won Taunton AA's Fur and Feather match today with 18kg 960gr of roach and chub on the stick float from peg 22 on the fast stretch. Simon fed four pints of maggots and a pint of hemp throughout the day.

Stafford Moor Fishery, Devon Updated 23rd September 2015
Website - www.staffordmoor.co.uk
Nigel Rhodes won todays match from Tanners peg 6 with 105lb 8oz of mainly carp fishing 8mm pellet. In second place was Mosella's Martin Heard from Woodpecker peg 8 with 103lb 15oz and third place went to Bill Wallbank on Tanners peg 35.

Trinity Waters, Bridgwater Updated 26th September 2016
Website - www.trinitywaters.co.uk
Tony Rixon had the top weight in Sunday's match on Woodland lake with 124lb 4oz of mainly carp (and a foulhooked 3lb eel!) from peg 22 on 8mm banded pellet. Tom Mangnall was second with 122lb 8oz from peg 2 and Dave Evans was third with 101lb 13oz from peg 18. Gordon Canning had the best silvers weight with 16lb 4oz from peg 15.

Acorn Fishery Updated 25th April 2017
Website - www.acornfishery.com
Tony Rixon won todays costcutter with 161lb 6oz of mainly carp from peg 27, Mike Owens was second with 67lb 13oz from peg 33 and Ed Wynne topped the silvers with 14lb 13oz from peg 9.

Walton Pond near Street Updated 4th August 2013
Yesterdays Presidents Cup match was won by Jon Martin with two carp plus bream for 15k 520grms, Jon fished the method feeder with hard pellets. Mike Chapman won the silvers with 6lb from peg 13, Mike caught on maggots in the margins.

Landsend Fishery, Wedmore  Updated 17th April 2017
Shaun Townsend had the top weight in Sundays match with 143lb 14oz of carp from peg 15, he caught mainly on meat from the margins, Lean Hubbard was second with 141lb 13oz of carp on meat and pellet from peg 18 and Stuart Barnett was third with 139lb 11oz from peg 46. Best silvers weight went to Martin Pettiffer on peg 13 with 25lb 12oz.

Bait Tech Viaduct Fishery, Somerton Updated 29th April 2017
Website - www.viaductfishery.com
Phil Weaver had the top weight in todays match with 144lb 15oz from peg 121 and he also had the top silvers with 43lb 3oz, Steve Shaw was second with 138lb 13oz from peg 110 and Shawn Wilson was third with 135lb 4oz from peg 85.

Chard Reservoir Updated 7th June 2016
John 'Janders' Anderson topped Sunday's match with a lovely bag of bream weighing 55lb on feeder tactics from peg 1 on the dam wall.

Summerhayes fishery, Bridgwater Updated 28th April 2017
Website - www.summerhayesfisheries.com
Really good weights in todays silvers match on Sellicks, Jeff Sparks had the top weight with 18lb 2oz on maggots and pinkies from peg 17, John Barker was second with 15lb 14oz from peg 11 and Rob Birch was third with 10lb 2oz from peg 15.
Bullock Farm, Back Lane, Kingston Seymour, North Somerset Updated 22nd February 2017
Website - www.bullockfarm.co.uk
Latest fishing report from Bullock Farm

Match Lake: most of the leaves have fallen now meaning that the colour is now back in this lake. All areas are producing but pegs 14-26 are the most consistent. The best two hookbaits are bread punch and single red maggots presented on an 18 or 20 hook with a 1.5lb bottom line. Feed a few maggots, liquidised bread or micro-pellets. Lots of good roach are being caught at about 4 inches off the bottom. The crucians are being caught off the bottom along with the fantails.

Rushcombe Lake: it’s good to see some goldfish and some nice roach coming out although this is a predominantly carp water. Bread is far and away the best hookbait and micro-pellets the best feed. It’s worth trying out in the deeper open water for the larger carp but the margins are producing as well. Around an 18 hook and 1.5lb bottom line is the way to go.

South Pool: this is the best coloured lake due to the good head of bream in here which go to 5lb. These are still coming out on a regular basis with sweetcorn on the hook. You need very little feed but small quantities of liquidised sweetcorn have been very effective. In addition to this, maggots, bread punch and casters are also working in here. The corner pegs are the best spots.

North Pool: along with the South Pool, this lake has retained its colour really well. Pegs 1-5, the Hovis pegs and peg 25 are the most consistent areas. In addition to the hook baits mentioned above, small pieces of spicy luncheon meat are working well in this lake to catch the good head of perch. Lots of pasty-sized carp and roach are also showing well.

Carp Lake: this is fishing the hardest out of the five lakes but some areas are producing well. It’s really worth having a walk around before you start to see where the activity is. Very often pegs 9 and 10 can be fully of movement as this is where the water comes in from the North Pool. If the wind is blowing strongly from the east, the area around pegs 1-5 is the best place to head for. Even on the coldest days of the year, small pieces of bread presented on the surface work well in this lake – even if the temperature is just above freezing.
Ilminster Canal Updated 16th November 2014 - Rob Cox won today's match with 3lb 2oz of perch and roach from peg 1, only just behind was Justin Charles with 3lb 1oz of skimmers, roach and perch from next door to Rob.

Sadborow Pond Updated 16th April 2017 - Howard Watts weighed 100lb 6oz of carp from peg 6 to win todays match followed by John Anderson with 72lb 4oz from peg 4 and Shane Jeffery with 65lb 4oz from peg 8.
Perry Street Pond Updated 16th April 2017 - Jamie Rich had the top weight in todays match with thirteen carp caught shallow for 50lb 6oz from peg 2, Brendon Ions was second with 49lb 8oz from peg 6 and Mike Smith was third with 47lb from peg 7.

River Isle Updated 19th February 2017 - Jamie Rich won the final round of the V.E.S. Precision league with five chub on caster for 14lb 2oz from peg 109 at Redbridge, Rob Cox was second with 7lb 13oz of roach from peg 125 and Graham Field was third with 7lb 4oz from peg 124.

Dillington Pond Updated 26th February 2017 - Windy conditions made it hard going for most in the match on Sunday, Adie Bishop had the top weight with 8lb 11oz from peg 19, Baz Morgan was second with 7lb 9oz from peg 14 and Justin Charles was third with 5lb 15oz from peg 7.

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