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River Huntspill, Somerset Updated 18th August 2014
The Pawlett club match yesterday was won by Keith Clapp with 20lb 1oz on the feeder from peg 146, Chris Ware was second with 16lb from peg 148 and Vic Bush was third with 8lb 14oz from peg 152.

Emerald Pool Fishery, West Huntspill, Somerset Updated 8th December 2014
Ken Rayner won the silvers match on Saturday with 14lb 4oz of tench and skimmers from peg 8,  Ken caught mainly on pinkies. Dom Sullivan was second with 10lb from peg 6.

Ivy House Lakes, Grittenham, Wiltshire Updated 8th December 2014
The Xmas match on New Canal and the Match Lake was won by Dick Young with 51lb 14oz of carp from peg 22, Dick caught on maggot on the tip. Chris Cottrell was second with 46lb 4oz from peg 11.

Todber Manor, Dorset Updated 23rd November 2014
Tackleuk's Ashley Tomkins won the league match today with 115lb 5oz of meat caught carp from peg 28. Alan Oram was second with 74lb 4oz from peg 38.

Windmill Fishery,  Westerleigh Road, Bristol Updated 27th August 2013
Gordon Cannings was top weight on Sunday with 77lb 15oz on soft pellet and meat from peg 8, Gordon also had the top silvers weight of 8lb 10oz. Kev Jeffries was second from peg 26 with 47lb 3oz.

Durleigh Reservoir, Bridgwater Updated 12th August 2013
The Clevedon club match yesterday was won by Adam Palmer with a fantastic 61lb 14oz of roach fishing two sections to hand. Adie Baker was second with 28lb of carp and bream on the feeder and third with another roach catch was John Page with 24lb 9oz.

Avalon Fisheries Updated 21st July 2014
The Clevedon club match yesterday was won by Paul Nichols with 175lb 3oz of mainly carp from peg 19, Lee Williams was second with 89lb 14oz from peg 16 and Scott Smallwood completed the frame with 45lb 13oz from peg 3. The majority of fish were caught on the pellet waggler with 8mm hookbaits and 6mm feed.

Plantation Lakes, Kingston Seymour, Somerset Updated 24th March 2014
Yesterdays match on the Main Lake saw Ryan Radford take the top weight with 73lb of carp on meat from peg 11 and Lee Williams was second with 66lb 8oz of carp from peg 32, again on meat. The best silvers was Chris Davis with 15lb 10oz from peg 24.

Goodiford Mill, Nr Cullompton, Devon Updated 6th April 2013
The match on the silvers lake today was won by Bruce Hunt with 27lb 14oz of quality roach and skimmers on maggot over groundbait at 14 metres from peg 12.

Coking Farm, Gillingham, Dorset Updated 6th January 2013
The Tackleuk match today on Rush Lake was won by Chris Higgins with 42lb of carp.

The Sedges, Dunwear, nr Bridgwater Updated 14th December 2014
Pawlett held their Xmas match on Brick and Tile lakes today, given the colder temperatures, the venue fished well with Chris Higgs taking the top weight with 63lb 2oz of mainly carp from peg 36. Eric Fouracre had the top silvers weight with 11lb 4oz from peg 39.

River Tone, Taunton, Somerset  Updated 9th December 2014
The fast stretch is  still producing some big bags of chub to stick float tactics but Knapp is also fishing well and Daniel Baldwin has been catching some cracking chub to 5lb on bread.

Stafford Moor Fishery, Devon Updated 28th July 2012
The latest match was won on Woodpecker from peg 17 with 146lb 10oz of carp, caught shallow on the pole. The top weight on Tanners was 91lb.

Trinity Waters, Bridgwater Updated 9th November 2014
Sunday's PSV match on Wildmarsh was won by Brian Shanks from peg 58 with 31lb 9oz, John Bradford was second with 15lb 10oz from peg 29.

Acorn Fishery Updated 2nd December 2014
Mike Owens won the cost-cutter today with 39lb 10oz of carp from peg 21 and Tony Rixon was second from peg 6 with 35lb 1oz of mainly carp on double maggot over micros and maggots.

Walton Pond near Street Updated 4th August 2013
Yesterdays Presidents Cup match was won by Jon Martin with two carp plus bream for 15k 520grms, Jon fished the method feeder with hard pellets.

Landsend Fishery, Wedmore  Updated 8th December 2014
The first match of the Winter League yesterday was fished in uncomfortable conditions and saw Dan White on the winners podium with 89lb 7oz of mainly carp from peg 31. Andy Hembrow won the silvers with 19lb 10oz from peg 68.

Bait Tech Viaduct Fishery, Somerton Updated 14th December 2014
It was the last round of the silvers league today, Dan Squires had the top weight on the day with 16lb 14oz of mainly skimmers from peg 59. Sam Powell was second with a level 16lb from peg 64. Gary O' Shea won the league with 6 points.

Chard Reservoir Updated 16th November 2014
Jon Martin had a cracking day today, winning the Chard resi league final with 21 bream for 76lb on the groundbait feeder from peg 29.

Summerhayes fishery, Bridgwater Updated 26th November 2014
Today's match on Longs was won by Scotty Russell with 49lb of mainly carp from peg 35, the Tackleuk boss used bread fished to the far bank.

Bullock Farm, Back Lane, Kingston Seymour, North Somerset Updated 9th December 2014
Latest report from Bullock Farm

Rushcombe Lake is fishing particularly well at present.  Jason Pitman, a shift manager from Bristol, has had two great bags recently: the first was 75lb which included 17 carp, commons to 10lb and mirrors to 5lb.  Jason fished peg 40 on the pole with an 18 hook, 3lb 6oz line and size 5 elastic.  His hook bait alternated between sweetcorn and luncheon meat and he fed micropellets out in open water.  On the same day Kevin Pearce, a night assistant from Bristol, had a 71lb bag of 15 fish including commons to 6lb.  Kevin fished peg 45 on the pole catching in open water on a 16 hook, 4lb bottom line, 16 elastic using sweetcorn over sweetcorn.

Jason came back a few days later and fished peg 33 where he had a 73lb bag which included commons to 6.5lb and mirrors to 4lb.  This time he fished the inside margin with luncheon meat on the hook and fed luncheon meat and sweetcorn.  Witnessing these excellent bags was Martin Pearce, also from Bristol, who caught a very presentable 35lb bag using luncheon meat over luncheon meat – again on the inside margin.

The South Pool is still producing some excellent bags which include the large bream to 5.5lb. The corner pegs continue to be the best areas to fish from.  A huge variety of baits are working but maggots, sweetcorn and small pieces of luncheon meat are the best.  Try a 16-18 hook with a 1.5lb bottom line with a small amount of feed for best results.

The Match Lake’s best areas are from peg 14 through to peg 26 at the moment.  This area of the lake usually fishes well at this time of year.  A lot of silver fish are being caught on casters over casters fishing out in open water but about 4 inches off the bottom.  Fish really light with maggots, squats and bread punch as hookbait.  Small quantities of micropellets are the best feed.
The Carp Lake still remains difficult but, as it’s been fished very little this week, it’s right for someone to bag up on it in our opinion.

The North Pool: keep it light – a size 18-20 hook and a 2-3lb bottom line with small pieces of flavoured luncheon meat, maggots, casters and bread punch as hookbait.  The peninsula is the most consistent area on this lake.  you can expect mixed bags to 35lb of pasty-sized carp, silver fish and crucians.

Ilminster Canal Updated 16th November 2014 - Rob Cox won today's match with 3lb 2oz of perch and roach from peg 1, only just behind was Justin Charles with 3lb 1oz of skimmers, roach and perch from next door to Rob.
Perry Street Pond Updated 19th October 2014 - Zoe Hollister won the junior match yesterday with a nice net of carp weighing 18lb 12oz from peg 14, Zoe caught on soft pellets. Odd tench and skimmers also featuring in catches and plenty of small fish to be caught on maggot.

River Isle Updated 14th December 2014 - Baz Morgan won todays match with 6lb 11oz of chub and roach from peg 123 at Isle Brewers and Steve Parker was second with 5lb 8oz of mainly roach from peg 128.

Dillington Pond Updated 23rd November 2014 - Martin Heard won todays match with 11lb 10oz of roach and perch on the whip and maggot from peg 8. Some decent roach showing but the pond is very clear and needs some colour.

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