Monday, September 24, 2007

Dillington Pond - 23rd September 2007

After a week off I was raring to go for this one although the weather was set to be wet and windy. Amazingly I drew peg one for the third match running (and the scales). The pond looked good with fish topping and the wind was blowing into the willow to my right. I had Big Frank on peg two and could see Justin Charles and Robin Cox opposite.

I set up a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float to fish at 11 metres over my groundbait and a Colmic Jolly to fish up towards the willow where I caught the chub last time. This rig had a 0.12 mm bottom and size 18 B611. I also set up a waggler, a two and a half AA Kamasan peacock insert, with the bulk around the float and three no 9 Stotz down the line, again this set up was finished with a 0.12 mm hooklength and size 18 Kamasan B611. I mixed up some Sensas Roach and Lake and was ready for the off.

On the whistle I cupped in three balls at 11 metres out in front of me and some chopped worm and casters at 11 metres towards the willow. I started on the waggler with caster on the hook and started to catch perch and the odd rudd. It seemed quite slow though and after an hour I had around 10 fish. Frank was fishing the pole and catching more fish than me but he was only catching small perch. I was getting the odd better perch and rudd of around 4oz. I struggled on and was getting the odd fish while all the time feeding caster and hemp towards the willow.

A brief try on my 11 metre line resulted in not a single bite and a go at two sections to hand saw me catch a few small perch to take my tally to 30 fish. It was still raining and the fishing was getting steadily harder. Frank said he was struggling and from what I could see opposite, not a lot was being caught over there either. Back on the waggler it was a struggle too, I did add a couple more perch and had one of around 6oz come off at the net ( remember that fish!). I had a quick go up towards the willow but only had one small perch. I was now out of ideas. Just then a father and son combo turned up to pleasure fish and stomped back and forth past my carefully primed swim towards the willow and set up between me and Robin - great.

With two and a half hours to go and very little in the net I decided to concentrate on the willow swim. I waited ages before having a bite but a perch of around a pound and a half was very welcome. Quarter of an hour later I had an eel of around 8oz before it went quiet again. With the rain getting worse I noticed Robin had disappeared and was sat in his car and then father and son buggered off as well, thank God.

Another bite and after a short tussle the white hydro did it's job and I netted a chub of around 12oz. The next bite resulted in a better chub of a pound and a half. With half an hour to go I was praying for just one more but it wasn't to be and I finished with 37 fish. I packed up and went up to weigh in, Neil Dring had 4lb 7oz followed by Malcolm (the fossil) Levy with 3lb 6oz and I was beginning to realise how hard it had fished. Jake Woodard weighed 3lb 13oz and Big Frank 3lb odd and I knew I had them beat but had I done enough to beat the anglers opposite? My fish went 7lb 2oz which was more than I thought.

Back at the results it became clear that the pond hadn't fished well, Barney Crockett had landed a 2lb 8oz perch on the whistle and weighed 6lb 8oz, so had I won? No was the answer as Justin Charles had 7lb 3oz of small fish, one poxy ounce!!!! Also remember that perch I lost at the net? Bugger, that had cost me. Still I picked up £40 for second place plus a pound off Janders who had struggled.

I don't think there is a match next week so you will have to tune in the week after for your fishing fix.....

Monday, September 10, 2007

Dillington Pond - Summer League - 9th September 2007

The last match arrived with me lying in second place in the league, three points behind Graham Field and in all reality the only way I was going to beat him was if he didn't turn up! This went out the window when I walked into the Crown and he was there. Still I had to try and hang on to second place as young Jake Woodard was only two points behind me.

I really didn't fancy drawing peg one again and of course did, along with the scales. The weather was gorgeous and there were lots of fish moving. After my disaster last week I thought I would do something a little different this time around so I set up a waggler along with two pole rigs. The first rig was a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float with 0.12 mm bottom and size 18 B611, this was to fish at 11 metres over my groundbait. The other rig was a Colmic Jolly to fish at two sections to hand and up in the water on the longer line. This rig had a number two elastic, 0.08 mm bottom and size 18 B511.

I mixed up some Sensas Magic and Lake and on the whistle cupped in four balls at 11 metres. Now Graham, Justin Charles, Frank and Jake have all been enjoying success by fishing four metres to hand and catching loads of small fish along with the odd bonus. I get bored catching bits and try and sort out the better quality roach, which really worked for me last year but hasn't really happened so far. I started on the waggler, loosefeeding hemp and caster to hopefully snare some roach and chub. This didn't really happen but I was catching perch and the odd small roach on caster. After an hour I had around twenty fish which wasn't too bad although Graham opposite had already netted a bream!

I came in to two sections to hand and in the next hour caught perch and small rudd regularly and got up to 61 fish. To be honest I couldn't wait to go out on my longer line but once again it just wasn't happening and I only had a few small roach and perch. I fed another ball and had another go on the waggler but this was a struggle and the two sections to hand line was also dying although I did add a few more fish to take me to 70 fish. Looking around at the pegs I could see it seemed most anglers were now slowing up. Janders was still getting odd small perch as were Frank and Graham although they kept chopping and changing between methods which I guessed meant bites were harder to come by for them as well.

I went out with the shallow rig and caught a nice rudd followed by a couple of roach but it wasn't exactly ballistic although at least I was still getting the odd fish. The wind had blown lots of scum into the corner on my left by the willow and by dropping the rig on the edge of it I started to catch rudd quite regularly. Of course it had to happen, I hooked a chub which tore my number two elastic out and snapped the 0.08 bottom like cotton. I put on a more substantial 0.12 bottom and size 18 B611 and changed over top sections to one with blue hydro in and went back out to resume battle.

I didn't have to wait long and after a decent scrap a chub around the pound mark was deposited into the net. I then missed two good bites on caster before having chub number two. With quarter of an hour to go I had number three but remained biteless for the last ten minutes to finish with 90 fish. I packed up and went to weigh Justin in, his fish went 8lb 10oz and I thought it would be close. Barney weighed 3lb 15oz and I was suprised when my fish pulled the needle round to 10lb 11oz. Janders had loads of small perch for 4lb 6oz so another pound was headed my way.

Back at the results Graham had won his second match on the trot with 14lb 6oz, he also won the league with 9 points after a very consistent series. I was second on the day and picked up £30, I also hung on to second spot in the league and picked up another £25. I ended with 12 points. Robin Cox was third with 10lb 7oz although he did lose five chub! Young Jake Woodard struggled on the day but held on to third place in the league, well done Jake.

I don't think I've got a match next week but there is another Dillington match the week after, tune in then to see how I get on.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Dillington Pond - Summer League - 2nd September 2007

Haven't mentioned mine and Andy's Evesham trip yet, well it was as excellent as ever. We drank far too much and met a couple of nice young ladies, Oh! and we watched a bit of fishing. Milo Columbo won day one with 6lb odd (which included a decent tench), on day two a chap had two carp! for over 20lb from peg 68 and the team event was won by Van Den Eynde. Roll on next year.

Right back to my latest exploits in the penultimate league match. There was an understrength turnout for this one with only nine anglers putting in an appearance. Still on the plus side hopefully I would be able to get decent points and I drew peg one in the smaller section of four. I also had Graham Field in my section and as he is currently leading the league by one point this would be a good opportunity to claw that back. My peg looked ok with the wind blowing into it and small fish topping.

I set up a 0.5 gram rig for fishing at 11 metres, a 0.6 Drennan Carp rig for fishing towards the overhanging willow and a Colmic Jolly for fishing two sections to hand and up in the water. I mixed up a bag of Sensas Magic and on the whistle cupped in four balls at 11 metres. I started fishing two sections to hand and started catching small perch and rudd quite quickly and after half an hour I had 41 fish. I couldn't wait to get out to 11 metres and had a couple of perch before catching my first roach, a decent fish of 4oz or so. That roach proved to be a false dawn and I just couldn't catch on the caster.

Another look on my shorter line and the fish weren't here in the numbers they were earlier, I did add around another 10 fish but was realising I had lost my way somewhat. Barney Crockett was on the other side of the willow and didn't seem to be doing much. Big Frank next to him was catching odd fish including the odd better one. Justin Charles opposite was catching well and I was starting to panic. I plumbed up another line at four metres and balled in four big balls of groundbait. While this settled I nicked a few more fish from my shortest line.

With two hours to go I was really struggling and had around 80 fish but nothing of any size, Barney had landed a big eel and Frank had added a big perch, a chub and several eels, Justin had also got in on the act landing two chub. I tried my four metre line with caster and had no bites whatsoever, maggot saw me catch odd perch but I was going nowhere. As odd small fish were topping I tried my up in the water rig but never had a bite on it. I also tried fishing towards the willow but no bites there either.

I was looking forward to the end of the match and just before the end I did have another roach on my four metre line to take my tally to 96 fish. I just couldn't catch any quality. I packed up and walked up to weigh Robin Cox in, he weighed 3lb 4oz and I reckoned I might just be able to beat that, my fish went 5lb and I knew I wouldn't be winning any dosh with that. But how had Graham fared? he only went and bagged up, he weighed 14lb 7oz to not only win the section but the match as well. And as Roger Russell also beat me in the section with 7lb 12oz, my three points meant Graham had stretched his lead to three points with one match remaining which is a big ask. The other section was won by Justin Charles with 14lb 2oz.

Next week is the last one in the series so tune in to see if I can hold on to second place.