Monday, April 28, 2008

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 27th April 2008

Nearly a full house for this one with 19 anglers eagerly awaiting the draw, I did my usual trick of avoiding all the corner pegs by ending up on peg 7 again. Still with the weather warming up I had it in my mind that I was going to fish up in the water as quite a few carp have been caught this way and previous matches have seen loads of fish cruising.

I got to my peg and was amazed by how much the lily pads had shot up since the last time I was here. I set up two identical Trabucco floats, one for fishing up in the water and one for the inside to my left towards some tree stumps. Both had Fox Carp Match hooks in a size 21 attached to 0.14 mm bottom. For bait I had 4 mm Dynamite Baits original pellets and some Sonu baits S-Pellets along with maggots and corn.

On the whistle I cupped some pellets, corn and maggots on the inside and started on the shallow rig at about 11 metres with corn on the hook. I was feeding pellet regularly and soon had a decent bite which I missed, I switched to a 6 mm pellet and had a few more indications before the black hydro was ripped out and I netted a carp of around two and a half pounds. After the first hour I had three carp and was relatively pleased with how things were going. Not a lot seemed to be happening elsewhere apart from the corner pegs 10 and 11. After two hours I had six fish and reckoned if I could keep them coming I might have a chance of making the frame.

Famous last words as I stopped catching and anglers around me started catching up, Steve Bush opposite me on peg 14 was now putting fish in the net on a regular basis and Steve Bishop to my right now had as many fish as I had. I could see lots of fish moving on my margin line so dropped in with corn on the hook. No indications so I switched to pellet and soon hooked a fish which came off. I then had three fish quite quickly before hooking one which headed for the tree stumps and snapped me.

With around an hour and a half to go it was nip and tuck between me and Bishop, I had my tenth carp on the inside before it went quiet. A brief try on the shallow rig saw me net a small carp quite quickly and I was caught in two minds whether to stick with it or stay on the inside for the remainder of the match. I gave it another 10 minutes but no more fish were forthcoming so the inside it was then. I lost another when the hook pulled out and landed my twelfth carp with around 20 minutes to go. I was praying for another fish but it didn't happen. All in all I was quite pleased with how things had gone yet felt sure those lost fish would cost me.

I packed up and started taking my kit pack to the car, I stopped and asked Steve (Bishop) how he'd done and he said he'd had 10 carp which was less than I'd thought he'd caught. Chris Haines on yet another corner peg (1) had 13 fish so it was going to be tight for the minor places. Les arrived with the scales and Hainsey's fish went 38lb 9oz and I knew I didn't have that. The next decent weight was Dino Pepper on peg 4 with 26lb 6oz followed by Bish who's fish went 30lb 8oz. When I weighed 29lb 10oz I thought any chance of coin had gone because I was sure Mike Osgood on peg 10, Dunner on 11 and Steve Bush had all beaten me.

Mike weighed an excellent 61lb 14oz for a clear victory but I was suprised when Dunner weighed 30lb exactly, Bushy had 19 carp for 47lb 10oz to continue his good form. There were no other big weights so with Bish sneaking into 4th place I picked up the £20 section money by double default. I also collected £1's off Janders and Picky who both had bad days. I actually enjoyed the day and I never thought I'd say that on a carp venue. Also as the temperature rises so will the weights and I'm sure we'll see the match record go in the next few matches.

Next week we're at the delightfully named 'Knackers Hole' which is supposedly full of small carp but it's another venue I've never got my head around so I'll keep you posted.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chard Reservoir - 20th April 2008

Les said that the bream had been showing well on the 'resi' and I was looking forward to this one as I haven't fished the tip for ages. Apparently pegs in the forties were the ones to draw and I was well chuffed when I drew peg 41. I got to my peg and while I was setting up got two wet feet when I waded in too far and both my boots filled up with water. Was this an omen? I hoped not.

I set up my 12 ft 6 in Drennan Stillwater feeder rod with a 1 oz tip and a Drennan groundbait feeder with a 0.12 mm bottom and Kamasan B611 size 18 at the business end. I mixed up some Van Den Eynde Gold Pro bream groundbait and added some Brasem and some fishmeal and was ready for the off. On the whistle I baited up with two red maggots and cast out to about thirty yards. Word soon came down that Mark Leahy had caught three bream in his first three chucks, then the two pegs to my left started catching and I waited for my first bite. After an hour and no bites I started to worry. Mike Hosgood on my left had several bream and was fishing a lot further out than me at about 60 yards. The guy to his left also had half a dozen slabs and was fishing at about the same distance as me so I stuck with it.

After a couple of hours my mate Andy turned up and reported that the anglers on the dam wall were struggling, Janders was pegged on the dam so it was all still to play for as far as the pound sidebet was concerned. With three hours gone I still hadn't caught and as the anglers to my left were all still catching I unclipped and went further out to about forty yards. Still no bites and I was resigned to blanking. Alan 'Picky' Gage walked up and said that he was blanking so at least that pound was safe for now. He also said that the two anglers to my right both had six bream apiece so I was being right royally battered.

With two hours to go the tip finally went round and I netted a nice slab, I would like to report that they moved in and I bagged for the remainder of the match but it turned out to be my only fish. After quickly packing up the scales arrived and Les said that Mark Leahy had caught 21 bream for just under 108lb, a stunning weight. The other three anglers in that section all weighed 60lb plus. My single fish weighed 6lb 2oz and then the two anglers to my right weighed 56lb and 33lb so I had been stuffed out of sight, not a good day at the office!

Picky had dry netted so at least I could collect my pound off him, or I would have done if he hadn't mysteriously disappeared. The dam wall section hadn't fished as well although Janders beat me with two bream for 11lb 8oz so another nugget bit the dust.

Next week we're back at Perry St so lets hope for a better day then, it can't get any worse - can it?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 13th April 2008

After actually picking up some money last week I was hoping to continue my good fortune this week. After drawing peg 3, I wasn't so sure. Butch Baker drew another flier in the shape of peg 10 and Chris Haines also continued his good form at the draw bag with peg 20. My peg has had some form but only when peg 2 hasn't been in but I was still cautiously optimistic.

The peg looks ok and there are some reeds to the left, on the right hand side (towards peg 2) is an overhanging tree and this is where most of the fish have been coming from. I had match organiser Les Braunton to my left on peg 4 and Janders was opposite on peg 19, so at least I could gauge how safe (or not) my pound was looking.

I set up my usual two rigs (see previous Perry St posts) and mixed up some Van Den Eydne strawberry carp groundbait and added some PA Megabaits carp powder and was ready well before the off. On the whistle I cupped in three balls at 11 metres and some hemp, pellets and corn on both insides. I started on the longer line with double red maggot and had a small roach first put in. A switch to corn resulted in no bites whatsoever, looking round the pond there wasn't anything happening at our end at all. Pegs at the other end seemed to be getting the odd fish.

Janders hooked his usual foulhooked bream but it came off this time so we were still neck and neck. After an hour I tried both inside lines but had no indications at all and it really was looking like another struggle. Chris had a tench and Les lost a small carp in the reeds but that was the only excitement down our end for hours. I did foulhook a perch on my left inside line but of course it came off. After three hours we were all bored shitless, Chris had started to get odd fish but it was obvious all the weights would be from the other end. To top things off there were several hailstorms as well.

With an hour and a half to go Steve Bishop on peg 5 had a couple of fish and Les had landed two small carp. I was fishing to my right with corn on the hook when the float went under, the black hydro did its job and I netted a mirror of around 3lb, hooked in the side! A bit later I had a second, this time hooked on the top of the head and then a third hooked in the tail. There were obviously a few fish there and I missed a couple of bites. I had three more before the end, all hooked fairly this time and missed a bite just before the end. Why couldn't they have moved in an hour earlier?

I knew I wouldn't feature in the frame but thought it might be close for the section as Bishop had a similar number of fish and Mark Hollister just up from Steve had caught well. I did know I'd won a quid off Janders as he'd only had one small roach. I packed up and awaited the weigh in, Dave Abrahams on peg 2 only managed one carp and then my six (plus the small roach) went 19lb 10oz. Les just had the two small carp and Bishop weighed 15lb odd so it was still on for the section. Hollister then spoiled things by plonking over 28lb on the scales, still if he framed I'd get the section by default.

As the scales reached the top end of the pond the weights rose dramatically, Steve Bush had 29lb plus and Butch Baker made the most of his good draw to weigh over 45lb, there were several other 20lb weights including Hainsey who had 22lb something. At the results I was relieved when Hollister was called out in third place and I did pick up £20 for the section. As well as Janders pound I also collected a 'squid' off Picky which was very satisfying as it was the first time I'd beaten him here.

So two pick ups in two weeks, could I carry it on next week when we are at Chard reservoir? Les reckons bream have been showing well so lets hope so.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Perry St Pond - 6th April 2008

Once again the forecast was crap but this time the only difference was that snow was forecast instead of rain. Only ten hardened anglers (or nutters as I like to call them) turned up for the draw and Les decided to leave the corner pegs out in a bid to make it a fairer match. I drew peg 16 and as I had previously struggled off peg 15, I wasn't too impressed.

It was freezing cold and I set up the same two rigs as last time (see previous post) and mixed up some Van Den Eynde strawberry carp groundbait. On the whistle I cupped in three balls at 10 metres and some corn, 4 mm pellets and hemp on the inside to my left at about 6 metres. I started on the longer line with double red maggot on the hook and soon started getting bites but only from small rudd, roach and one small skimmer. Oz opposite me had an early carp and Bushy on peg 14 had caught a couple but it looked like being a struggle yet again.

It kept trying to snow and the dark clouds overhead looked ominous. After three quarters of an hour bites had tailed off on my longer line so it was time to try my inside line. I slipped on a piece of corn and was ready for a long wait. After five minutes the float slid away and a good fish was on. After a healthy scrap the black hydro did its job and I netted a decent carp of around 4lb. From what I could see this put me amongst the early leaders. A missed bite on the next put in made me think there might be a few fish there. Then it started snowing and it got so bad I could hardly make out the anglers on the opposite bank.

Oz had a couple more and Butch Baker next to him started catching carp from a reedbed on his inside. No more action for me and time was ticking by. Three hours passed and Alan 'Picky' Gage, who I have a sidebet with, started catching the odd fish. Picky was on an end peg as the corners had been left out and I resigned myself to losing another pound. I kept feeding a robin in the hope the fish fairy would see my good deed and reward me with some fish but so far it didn't seem to be working. By now odd fish were being caught all around the pond and I was slipping down the rankings.

I took a couple of sections off and carried on fishing my left hand margin where I could feed by hand. I had a couple of indications but nothing strikeable. With an hour and a half left it was obvious Bushy and Picky would be occupying the top two positions. Then all of a sudden I started getting bites, I missed two or three before catching my second carp. I then had a third before losing one which I reckon was foulhooked. I had a fourth which was foulhooked in the tail and I was right back in it. I then lost a beast which snapped 0.14 mm! before catching number five. With 30 mins left I thought if I could catch a couple more I might sneak into the frame.

It was still snowing heavily and Janders walked up to warm up a bit, he'd only caught two carp so hopefully at least one pound would be safe! He said Bushy had around twelve carp and was well ahead in the match, I reckoned Picky was second. Then Les landed a beast which was reported to be double figures. Mike on the other side of Oz had caught quite a few on the feeder and Butch was still getting the odd fish, I needed to catch a couple more. Time was running out though and apart from a missed bite five minutes from time there was no more action for me.

Les called the all out and as if by magic the snow stopped and the sun came out, incredible! I packed up and went to watch the weigh in. Les was paying the top four and I was sure I had just missed out. Picky was first to weigh and stuck an excellent 28lb 4oz on the scales, Butch was next and he had 18lb 4oz and I was now convinced I wouldn't figure in the frame. There were several more double figure weights before we came to Bushy who confirmed what everybody knew and he weighed 36lb 4oz. Well done Steve, that's his third victory on the bounce and he has certainly got this venue sorted. Janders didn't weigh and my fish went 17lb 10oz which suprised me, I was now in fourth place but still with Les to weigh.

His four fish (including one of 12lb+) went 17lb 2oz and I had held on to fourth place - just! For the conditions the pond had fished really well and despite the snow I actually quite enjoyed myself. I caught more fish today then in my last four visits combined. I picked up £20 plus a £1 off Janders which I gave straight to Picky, still at least I had stopped the rot for now.

I'm back here again next week so lets pray for some decent weather.