Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dillington Pond - Evening League - 30th June 2010

The level was right down on the pond again but there were plenty of fish showing and I was determined to do better than the last evening match. There were only six of us fishing and I drew out peg 14 with Martin Heard on 12, I could see a carp and some bream up in the water to my left so I decided I would put some bait in at 10 metres towards them. I set up my 4 metre whip with a Drake Crowquill waggler and a Drennan Roach rig for the long line. I mixed up some Dark Frenzied Hemp groundbait and was ready with 10 mins to go.

It was down to me to shout the all in, which I did at six 'o' clock and we were off, I cupped in two balls of groundbait at an angle, 10 metres to my left before starting on the whip. Bites were instant and I was soon catching small roach and perch, I kept shouting up to Martin for a fish count and it was neck and neck with me on 48 fish and Martin had just a couple more. I was getting more small perch than the last match and kept trying caster to try and sort out the better fish. I was getting bites but just couldn't hit them so had to keep going back to maggot where I would get a couple of roach and then start catching these tiny perch again.

The second hour was much the same for me and I added another 49 fish, Martin was 5 or 6 fish ahead and crucially he seemed to be avoiding the perch. Moses on peg 21 hooked and successfully landed a chub on his whip and was looking good for his third victory on the bounce and the £5 sidebet from the rest of us. I hadn't seen Bob on peg 18, Justin on 3 or Alvin on 7 catch much but you never can tell here. I was getting odd better roach on caster but missing far too many bites, the better rudd weren't showing either and they can really boost your weight.

Scotty Russell turned up and sat behind me and I was still catching roach including the odd better 3-4oz fish and I knew I was going to beat the 115 fish I had last match but I wasn't so sure I would top my weight from last time (8lb 6oz). With only six fishing, Alvin was only paying the top two and I knew I wouldn't catch Moses and I was pretty sure Martin would beat me too. I ended with 144 fish and Martin had 164 so I reckoned he'd done me by a couple of pound. Moses was first to weigh and put 11lb 3oz on the scales (his third 11lb+ weight in three matches), Bob had 2lb 4oz and then my fish went 8lb 1oz, which I was quite disappointed with. Martin had 9lb 14oz to go into second place and then Alvin beat me as well with 8lb 5oz (and I thought he'd been struggling!). Justin didn't weigh again so I ended up with 4 points which saw Moses leapfrog me into top spot in the league.

It's all very tight with Moses on 5 points, me on 6, Alvin on 7 and Martin on 8. I just wish I could sort out those better fish!

1 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 11lb 3oz
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 9lb 14oz
3 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 8lb 5oz

Sunday sees me back at Perry St and I've still got a corner to look forward to (peg 10 please!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 8 - 27th June 2010

Oh God, isn't it ever hot? Today was blisteringly hot and supposed to be the hottest day of the year. I was still in with a chance of a corner peg but alas today wasn't the day and I pulled out peg 16, which hasn't got a lot of form but at least I'd have the shade of the trees. I had Oz on my left and Mike Collins on my right and he's still moaning about letting him down in the pairs last match (sorry again mate). Steve Bishop was opposite and my side bets (Janders and Picky) had drawn rubbish as well (pegs 18 and 3 respectively).

I set up three rigs, a Carpa 2 for my six metre line, a Drennan Carp for my margins and a Trabucco Dibber for up in the water, all had 808's at the business end coupled with 0.14mm bottoms. On the whistle I cupped in some micros, corn and meat at six metres and on both inside lines before starting with the shallow rig with double maggot just by the lilies on my right hand inside line. I was soon getting bites but bumped a couple of small fish before catching a rudd to avoid the blank. Andy had turned up and wanted to get some snaps with his new camera (as soon as he lets me have them, I'll put them on here) and it wasn't long before he was taking some action shots of Bish and Janders who both had early carp.

Janders got off the mark early

Bish started catching really well

Talking of Janders, he's bought yet another hat (see photo) but it looks just like all his others, I wish he'd get a bit more adventurous, Dave Abrams on the other hand had a cracking hat on - that's more like it! Mike C had a nice carp early on the feeder. There were loads of carp cruising and I couldn't wait to go out with the shallow rig so I slipped on a 6mm Sonu baits S-Pellet and started feeding 6mm hard pellets regularly.

Mike Collins had a nice carp early on

Janders new hat - spot the difference!

Dave with his extravagant hat!

I was getting a few indications (if you can call having the pole wrenched down an indication!) and I missed three like that! Then I hooked a decent fish that tore off across the pond and just as I thought I had it under control and took some sections off it buried itself in the lilies under my feet! It was pretty solid and not budging so I grabbed the elastic and started pulling and the fish was still on, I could see it wrapped round a lily and managed to slip the net under it - result! Andy found it highly amusing but at around 4lb I wasn't too bothered. Bish started fishing up in the water and started to catch and was looking good at this early stage.

Come on fish

Fish on!

Slow down!

First carp in the bag (after some hairy moments!)

League leader Chris Haines had drawn peg 10 but was really struggling and Les (who was back with his new leg) had drawn peg 6 (where I was the last two matches) and said he only needed three fish to be my man of the match - cheeky git! Although at the moment he hadn't caught one, let alone three! Picky had a fish which meant the side bets all had one fish apiece. I still had loads of fish mooching about but I had no more indications. I noticed Bish was fishing a lot shallower than me at about six inches so I shallowed up and lost a foulhooked fish straight away. I then hooked one which I had under control when the hook just fell out - bugger.

I had two more decent carp and a roach and although I was behind Bish I was up around there at the halfway point. I really fancied I would get a few more but started to worry when Les and Dunner next to him had a couple of fish and after a bad start, Hainsey was getting few too. I was stuck on three and Bish was now on about five or six, my side was still fishing hard though and Janders and Picky hadn't added to their early fish and Oz only had one. The footy had kicked off and after half an hour we were already 2-0 down to the Germans - not good.

I stuck at fishing shallow and not getting any indications when I knew I should be trying my other lines, Bish did just that and added several more fish. Les had a late run to end with five fish (I think he really wanted the man of the match award!). My section of five pegs had been hard, Oz and Janders only had a single carp each and Dave (and his hat) had gone for an early bath, the other peg in my section was corner peg 20 and I heard he'd had four or five carp so that was that I thought.

I packed up and turned the radio off (we lost 4-1 and were awful) and as I walked past 20 I asked how he'd got on and he replied he'd had 3 carp, so this could be close. The scales started as always as peg 1 and Butch had struggled for 6lb 6oz, Blaker had 5lb 14oz off peg 2 and Picky's single carp went 2lb 12oz and he handed over a £1 (6-7 now) and Rocking didn't weigh, our end had fished really poorly. Then Bish plonked 29lb 2oz on the scales and the weights started to improve. Les had 14lb 14oz, and Dunner 15lb 8oz, Dino didn't weigh but Terry Green-Niblett had 16lb 9oz next door. Hainsey had found some fish in the end and had 20lb 8oz to go into second place.

Rocking Roy (or was it Lawrence of Arabia!)

Darren Roberts on 11 didn't weigh and I don't think we'll see him again, the Hoff continued his good run with 17lb 7oz to go into third place, Dave L struggled for 4lb 9oz and Bushy then leap frogged the Hoff with 19lb 13oz. Mike Collins had 12lb 1oz and then my three went 11lb 14oz and I got some stick for admitting to 8lb! Oz had 3lb 4oz and Janders 2lb 11oz and I collected my second £1. The lad on 20 (one of Hainsey's mates who was standing in for somebody) had three carp for 8lb 13oz so I'd won the section and picked up £30!

Why is it that whichever end I'm at the fish are at the other!!!

Bish won and gets my man of the match award, followed by Hainsey and then Bushy and the other sections were won by Butch, Niblett, and the Hoff. After eight matches Hainsey leads with 131 points followed by Hoff on 116 and Les and Dunner on 112.

1 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 29lb 2oz
2 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 20lb 8oz
3 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 19lb 13oz


A - Butch Baker (Chard) - 6lb 6oz
B - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 16lb 9oz
C - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 17lb 7oz
D - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 11lb 14oz

Next for me is the Dillington evening league so hopefully should get a few bites. Also I can't go without mentioning the junior match that was fished the day before (results below), there were some decent catches.

Chard AC juniors had a match on the pond the day before and weights were good. Conor Moon did well to land several carp for 13lb 8oz and first place. Brad Chard was second with 5lb 5oz and Ethan Collins took third place with 3lb 12oz. The club would like to thank Clark and Cridge and Roy Fowler for their kind sponsorship.

1 - Conor Moon - 13lb 8oz
2 - Brad Chard - 5lb 5oz
3 - Ethan Collins - 3lb 12oz
4 - Scott Overd - 3lb 6oz
5 - Sean Attio - 1lb 1oz

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summerhayes - Open - 20th June 2010

With nothing local on, I put my name down for an open at Summerhayes near Bridgwater. An 11 'o' clock draw was very civilised and I was one of the first there, Pete has a nice set up and after paying pools and having a free coffee, I had a bacon sarnie to set me up for the day. More anglers started arriving including Roger and Scott Russell, Alvin Jones and Martin Heard. I had a walk round the pond with Roger and there were lots of small fish moving and the reeds were knocking in the pegs that had them.

The draw was announced and I pulled out peg 39, which is by the inlet and Martin won a match a few weeks back with 48lb odd off it. Scotty sorted me out with some micro pellets and some expanders for the hook, cheers mate. Scott has been doing really well fishing for silvers down the track and that's what I planned to do today although I obviously couldn't afford to ignore the inlet. I set up a little dibber for fishing tight to the island and a Drennan Carp for fishing down the track and towards the inlet. So not to confuse myself I decided to just feed two lines to start with, against the island and the inlet. I also decided not to fish too tight to the walkway over the inlet as the posts would be an obvious target for any carp I hooked.

On the whistle I cupped in half a pot of micros at about 8 metres towards the inlet and around the same plus some corn tight to the island. I started with a 4mm expander on the hook and had to wait a while for my first bite but I wasn't too worried as Martin on my right and Scotty a few pegs away on my left seemed to be in the same boat. My first fish was a 4oz skimmer so I tried an 8mm expander and this resulted in a 2lb skimmer, that's more like it! But then it died and I had to wait ages for a bite and then it was a foulhooked carp and I came back with a scale on the hook. I was potting in micros every put in but was surprised at the lack of indications. Then I had a small carp and shortly after another but it wasn't a bite a chuck.

After an hour I had six fish for about 3lb or so and shouted down to ask Martin what he had, he said he'd had ten fish and Scotty had nine so I wasn't too far off the pace. Hour two was pretty much the same with small carp, the odd skimmer and a lovely little golden tench. Then it just died and Martin said it had for him as well, Scott was still catching well though. I cupped in some more feed by the island with an eye to trying it shortly. I did lose another foulhooked fish so I cupped in some more micros by the inlet before going across with a banded 6mm hard pellet on the hook. I was getting indications but the first positive bite saw me swing in a 2oz chublet and I decided to leave it alone for a bit.

A couple more fish by the inlet was a bit of a false dawn and I went back to struggling, a few people were walking which I took to mean it was fishing hard all over so got my head down. With Scotty catching I made the decision to put two more lines in, one closer to the walkway and another down the track. I was still getting the odd small carp and also slipped the net under a nice little 1lb tench from my main line, before trying the track for the first time. To be honest it was a struggle here too and although I was getting the odd bite I was missing most of them. I did manage a couple of nice roach here and lost a carp, so I started swapping between these two lines, pinching a fish from one before feeding and fishing the other.

I was a long way behind Scott but was gradually pulling away from Martin (and we had a £1 on it), Roger walked up to see Scott and then me, in that period I had two carp, a little tench and a skimmer and was starting to get a few bites from both my lines. Strangely I never had a bite from the line closer to the walkway but I hadn't been feeding it regularly. The last hour of the six saw me concentrating on my initial main line as my bites stopped down the track and I had another four or five carp and a skimmer, landing a carp on the whistle to give me 44 fish, which I thought would give me around 20lb.

Martin reckoned I'd frame (yeah right!), I was first to weigh and had just over 8lb of silvers and 18lb of carp to give me a 26lb 5oz total, Martin had 17lb odd so I was a £1 up, then as we got down the bank with all the reed bed cover the weights shot up and there were several 40lb+ weights including Alvin so I handed over my £1 to him! On the bottom bank there was a near 70lb weight of mainly carp and this remained the top weight. Scotty had over 30lb of silvers and a few carp for 44lb odd and just missed out on the main frame but he won the silvers pool and has really got the skimmers sorted. Alvin was second with over 45lb to keep up his good form of late.

Skimmer King Scotty

So on my virgin visit I hadn't disgraced myself beating the anglers either side and probably finishing about midway in the match. I'd like to give it another go on a peg where I can concentrate down the track for the silvers. I must say it's a nice set up and there was free coffee and biscuits after the match as well and I'm looking forward to getting back for another bash soon.

Next week it's back on Perry St and my league chances have gone and I've been knocked out of both the individual and pairs competitions so I haven't got much to look forward to. I'm still due a corner peg although I'll probably get 1 or 20!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dillington Pond - Evening League - 16th June 2010

Another lovely day and I was really looking forward to the evening fixture. On my arrival at the pond it was obvious that the farmer had been pumping water out and the level was a good few feet down. There were only five of us fishing and when I drew peg 5 and saw I was all on my own up that end of the pond, I quite fancied it. My peg had two weed beds with a channel in the middle and it looked very inviting. I set up my box in the water and mixed up some groundbait (Black Sensas Lake) and set up a whip rig and another for the pole at 8 metres.

With Robin not fishing tonight it was down to me to call the all in and as soon as I did I cupped in two balls at 8 metres to my right past a weed bed before starting on the whip. I tossed in a small nugget of groundbait and was soon getting fish, as on Sunday I had a nice run of rudd along with the odd perch and roach. I could see Alvin Jones on peg 10 getting a few as were Roger Russell and Moses Holbrook across on pegs 17 and 18. Justin Charles was a bit late setting up but was soon getting odd fish as well.

After an hour I was on 37 fish for around 2lb and thought if I could keep this catch rate up I could do 6-7lb which would put me there or thereabouts. After an hour and a half my catch rate was up on the first hour and I'd also landed a nice 8oz rudd. Then a bite saw me strike and it was solid and a big fish was on, I didn't think it would be on long though with only 0.09mm bottom but after four diving runs, it snapped me - bugger. I tied on another hook but this time 0.10mm for a little more insurance. After two hours I was up to 77 fish and from what I could see, I thought I was doing really well.

I kept trying caster but only had one small roach on it, with most my fish coming to single red maggot. I was getting lots of small perch and roach but every now and again a quality fish would grab the bait and I had a clonking roach that I could only just get my hand around. I started to think I might be able to catch around 128 fish which would give me 8lb or so and as that was the top weight so far in an evening match, I would stand a good chance of winning. I dropped off and bumped a few, including another good roach but was still catching well and ended just short of my target with 115 fish which I thought would give me 7lb or so.

I packed up and walked round to watch the weigh in, I missed Roger who had a nice bag of fish for 4lb 6oz and then Alvin asked if I had 11lb 13oz as that was what Moses had weighed! He'd caught a nice 4lb 13oz bream early on and I hadn't seen him land that, still at least I could still get second. Justin had a couple of pounds and didn't bother weighing. Alvin was next and as soon as he pulled his net out I knew I wouldn't be picking up any coin tonight (they were paying two) as he had a lovely net of quality fish for 9lb 9oz. My fish went 8lb 6oz, which I was quite pleased with and I reckon I should have had Alvin's weight with the fish I bumped/lost.

Moses was happy as along with winning he also picked up the £3 sidebet, collecting nuggets from me and Alvin. My three points is my lowest score so far which means I'm still leading the league (dropping the worst result) with 3 points followed by Alvin and Moses on 4. The pond is finally starting to show it's potential and I reckon some really good weights are achievable on the whip, if only I could sort out those better fish.

Moses won both the match and the side bet

1 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 11lb 13oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 9lb 9oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 8lb 6oz

On Sunday I'm at Summerhayes for the first time so I can't see me doing too well on my virgin visit but hopefully I should see the float go under a few times.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dillington Pond - Summer League - 13th June 2010

I was quite looking forward to this one and hoped I'd get a few bites like the last Wednesday evening match. There were 11 other anglers gathered at the draw and it was nice to see Justin Charles fishing today. Pegs 1 and 22 by the bush were in and everyone fancied drawing these, I managed to avoid them per usual and pulled out peg 7 on the far bank. The two lucky anglers were Graham Field and Moses and it was odds on I'd be handing him a pound today.

It was scorching hot and the level of the pond was right up as the farmer was filling it up in readiness for pumping water to his crops. I set up the usual Drake crowquill whip rig and a Drennan Roach for fishing at about 8 metres just past a weedbed. I mixed up some Sensas Lake and was just about ready when the whistle went. Roger Russell was the next peg along on my left and Graham Bulgin was on my right. I cupped in three balls laced with hemp, casters and maggots at 8 metres before starting on the whip. I baited up with red maggot and flicked the rig out followed by a little nugget of groundbait.

Bites came quite quickly and my first fish was a nice rudd and another three followed with a couple too big to swing in, I bumped off a fish then had a couple of 4oz perch. It wasn't hectic though and after an hour I only had seven fish but they probably weighed around a pound or so. It seemed to be a struggle for most with only Alvin catching well on peg 17. The second hour was much the same and the fish just wouldn't settle. I tried laying off the groundbait and just loose feeding but this didn't seem to make any difference. Justin netted a decent eel and with my whip line dying I tried over the longer line. I expected to catch straight away but apart from two tiny perch and a small roach this line was a waste of time.

Back on the whip saw me add a couple but I was going nowhere fast, as always there were loads of roach topping so I set up a Drennan Squatt rig for fishing up in the water but this was a complete waste of time and I just had a small roach on it. Also a rather cold wind was getting up and making presentation difficult and I even had to put my fleece back on! Both my lines had dried up so I cupped in a load of caster on my 8 metre line with a view to sitting it out for eels and went for a wander to let it settle. Roger was getting the odd small fish and Steve Parker was struggling, Graham Bulgin was admitting to a couple of pounds and Justin said he'd had a 1lb perch and a decent eel, Moses was really struggling and had only caught a couple of perch and at this stage both our nuggets would be heading to Alvin.

With it looking like Justin was leading our section I went back and had a quick go on the whip and added two more rudd before it died again. Desperate to makes bites I tried cupping in some slop to create a cloud but this didn't work either so it was time to try for eels. Two tiny perch and a small roach on maggot and nothing on caster saw me back on the whip with an hour to go. I started to catch a few fish and wondered if this was the 'golden hour' syndrome again? I also stopped feeding casters and was just flicking out a few maggots and the odd small nugget of groundbait and was actually catching quite steadily and got to 48 fish to finish with a flourish. I thought I had between two and a half and three pounds and needed Justin to frame to stand a chance of the section.

I quickly packed up and went to watch our section get weighed in, Graham Bulgin had the scales and had to weigh Graham Field in, even though he was in the other section on peg 22. Good job really as he had caught three chub plus some bits for 9lb 15oz and I didn't think anyone would touch that until Justin said he'd caught a bream! and when he pulled his net out, his perch was nearer 2lb than the 1lb he told us!, his total weight was 9lb 5oz, close but not close enough. Graham Bulgin had 2lb 4oz and I thought I might just have pipped that and was pleased when my catch registered 3lb 5oz and I thought I might sneak the section by default. Then Roger pulled his net out and I was sure he'd done me but the needle stopped on 2lb 12oz - phew! Steve had struggled for 10oz then the other section started. Neil continued his hate affair with the pond and didn't weigh in, Leightin Cox had 3lb 9oz and Alvin had a lot of fish for 5lb 5oz and third place. Rob Cox had struggled for 1lb (and yes Rob you were right, you are third in the evening league) and Martin Heard had 4lb 9oz to take the other section.

I picked up £15 for the section but had to hand over a £1 to Alvin, I had two section points which with dropping the result where I didn't fish, leaves me with 4 points and along with four others (Alvin, Roger, Leighton and Graham Field) we jointly lead the league. The trouble is, I miss the next match because it clashes with Perry St and that will be my league over. Still at least I've got the evening league to go at and the next match is on Wednesday so tune in to find out how that goes.

I must also congratulate Graham Field on finally getting his 50th club match win - well done mate.

Justin with his second placed 9lb 5oz (including a 1lb! perch)

1 - Graham Field (Ilminster) - 9lb 15oz
2 - Justin Charles (Ilminster) - 9lb 5oz
3 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 5lb 5oz

A - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 3lb 5oz
B - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 4lb 9oz

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 7 - 6th June 2010

The weather was much better than forecast and as I was still in with a chance of a corner peg I was praying I'd get one to stop my free fall slide down the league table. I didn't get it and in fact I drew the one peg I didn't want, peg 6, the scene of last weeks disaster. I was also in the pairs knockout this week and my randomly drawn partner was Mike Collins and he'd pulled out corner peg 20, the trouble was, we were up against Picky and the Hoff and they'd got corner pegs 10 and 11 (the best two pegs on the pond) and for us to stand any chance they would both need to fall in and not get out for six hours!

My mate Andy was fishing today for the first time in ages and was standing in for Rockin' Roy but had drawn peg 19 which has no form at all. Janders was next to me on peg 5 so at least I'd be able to keep an eye on my pound. I got to my peg and as always there were quite a few carp mooching about but could I catch them this time? I'd actually made some new rigs up and set up a dibber for fishing up in the water along with a Carpa 2 float for on the deck in open water and a Drennan Carp for the insides. On the whislte I cupped in some micro pellets and corn on the left hand margin before starting to the right with the shallow rig with maggot on the hook. There were carp moving in the lilies but after 40 mins I'd just had a few small rudd, still I'd avoided the blank.

Janders lost an early carp but at this early stage there weren't many carp being caught, even the corners were quite quiet. I started fishing off the end of the tree with my shallow rig with a S-Pellet on the hook and feeding hard pellets. I was getting the odd knock but no positive bites. Les had a foulhooked carp which he netted safely and then Hainsey opposite on peg 14 had a couple as did Mike Hosgood on my left. All of a sudden my pole tip was wrenched down and I gingerly played and netted a 2lb carp (my first from peg 6!) and I hoped this was the start of good things to come. Hoff and Picky started getting odd fish and Butch on 16 had a couple and lost a couple, they were waking up.

I added carp number two and with the best part of four hours to go I thought I might do a half decent weight. Chris by now had several and was proving what a class act he is. Janders had lost another and then there was a tremendous CRACK and Dino had snapped his pole on a fish in peg 1! I had no more indications out and Mike had added a couple more from his inside line toward me and I was itching to try mine. I slipped on a grain of corn and filled the toss pot with micros and corn and went in just past the lilies. I had a couple of liners but it wasn't happening so after an hour I was back out on the long, shallow line. This was dead too although I could see fish moving about, they just wouldn't take the bait.

There were loads of blows coming up so I tried my shiny new rig with corn on the bottom, I had a couple of bites which I missed. Andy came round and reported he'd only had four small fish, while he was stood behind me, the float slid away and we were both waiting for the elastic to come streaming out, I struck and a half ounce roach flew out the water! how did it get a grain of corn in it's gob? Time was running out and I couldn't catch from any of my lines. Chris was now bagging with most anglers at the top end of the pond getting a few, our end was slightly harder. Janders and Dave Lawrence hadn't caught carp yet and nor had Darren Roberts, Andy or Mike T.

Eventually I had a bite on corn on the long line, only to bump it - bugger. Then there was another loud CRACK and Mike Hosgood had snapped his pole too! He wasn't out of action long and was soon netting another carp. Chris added a foulhooked eel to his bulging carp net and it was starting to look like he could pull off the win from a peg that wasn't a corner. I was going through my lines but just couldn't get a bite and trashed a rig in the poxy tree. With quarter of an hour to go I had a decent bite on the inside and a good fish was on, I thought I had it under control when it went under the tree and snapped me (deja vu) and that was the last of the action.

Andy wandered round and he was fed right up and I don't reckon we'll see him for a fair while. I packed up and watched the weigh in, knowing I'd done really badly again. Dino had done ok on peg 1 despite his broken pole and weighed 12lb 13oz, Paul Blake on peg 2 had done really well to weigh 20lb 10oz, Oz had two fish for 8lb 11oz, then the weights dropped somewhat. Mike T had 4lb 4oz, Janders struggled for 8oz and handed over a £1 and I weighed a lowly 4lb 15oz. Mike Hosgood did really well from 7 to weigh 30lb 6oz, Bushy had over 19lb and had lost several. Surprisingly pegs 10 and 11 had relatively struggled, Picky had 26lb odd and Hoff just over 20lb. Dunner had a lovely double figure carp in his 34lb 15oz. Les had 16lb something and then Hainsey had 13 carp for a brilliant 44lb 1oz. Dave Lawrence who was standing in for Bish had 7oz, Butch did well with 10lb 13oz and then the weights dropped again apart form Terry Green-Niblett who had over 20lb from peg 18.

Darren Roberts didn't weigh, Andy had 2lb 5oz and my partner had 14lb 12oz from peg 20 and I'd let him down somewhat - sorry Mike. I scored 6 points and have now dropped to 12th in the league and that's that unless I win the remaining fixtures - not likely. We got knocked out of the pairs and I had to hand over Janders pound to Picky, not a good day. I really can't get my head round it out here. So for my man of the match there are several contenders including Blaker, Mike H, Terry G, Pup and Hainsey but it has to be Chris for winning off a peg that's not a corner - well done mate. Oh and Les chucked my hat in the pond again, don't know what he's got against it?

Man of the match - Chris Haines

Quite good weights but some areas fished poorly

Also Les has to go into hospital for an operation soon and we all wish him luck and a speedy recovery. Next Sunday I'm back at Dillington so lets hope I can get back to winning ways then.

1 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 44lb 1oz
2 - Alan Dunn (allezbaz) - 34lb 15oz
3 - Mike Hosgood (Exeter) - 30lb 6oz

A - Paul Blake (Chard) - 20lb 10oz
B - Alan Gage (Chard) - 26lb 6oz
C - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 20lb 4oz
D - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 20lb 5oz

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dillington Pond - Evening League - 2nd June 2010

After Sunday's disaster I was hoping for a few bites tonight, the weather was glorious and there were fish everywhere! I drew peg 18, right by where we had drawn so a nice short walk! I got myself comfortable and set my kit up, first job was to mix some groundbait (Sensas Roach) before I set up the same two rigs as last time. I had a four metre whip with a Drake crowquill waggler and a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach for fishing at 8 metres. I decided to fish shorter than normal as the bream had been coming out closer to the bank.

On the whistle I cupped in two balls containing casters and maggots at 8 metres before tossing a little nugget on the whip line. I started with red maggot on the 20 fine wire hook and the action wasn't instant but I started catching roach and dumpy little perch. They didn't seem to want the groundbait and I caught faster just loose feeding. Alvin Jones was the next peg along and he seemed to be getting a few as well. After the first hour I had 30 fish including a couple of decent roach and from the bankside banter I knew I was ahead of Alvin and Robin Cox on peg 14.

With so many fish up in the water quite a few people thought the waggler might really score well but Scotty Russell was fishing the 'wag' on peg 4 and really struggling and only had one fish after an hour before chucking it up the bank. Martin Heard was also sitting it out for lumps and hadn't snared one yet. Moses Holbrook on peg 2 was also catching small fish quite well and at this early stage it was him and Alvin I kept my eyes on. We also had a £1 each winner takes all side bet between the three of us.

I kept catching during hour two but despite trying caster every now and again I just couldn't catch on it. I had 26 fish during the second hour and with no big fish being caught I started to fancy my chances. Scotty was now on the pole and not faring much better with that! I bumped a couple of fish and was having to wait longer for the bites, I was putting the odd nugget of groundbait in but really wasn't sure if it was helping or not. I kept thinking about trying the long pole but as long as I was getting bites on the whip I decided to stick with it and wait to see if anyone caught a bream.

Moses pulled out of a small eel and Robin lost a couple of big fish which could turn out to be costly. My bites were slowing right up in the third and final hour but I found by flicking the rig in to the right or left of where I was feeding I would still pick up the odd fish. I had a run of small rudd from close in to the right just to keep putting something in the net. I realised I wasn't going to hit the 90 fish target I had set myself but I wasn't going to be too far off. Right on the whistle I netted a 4oz perch to end with 81 fish. I reckoned I had between 4-5lb, but would it be enough? As far as I knew, no big fish had been landed and my attention turned to Alvin and Moses (and the side bet).

I packed up and walked round to watch the weigh in, Moses had 3lb 3oz and I was fairly sure I had that but maybe my fish were smaller than I thought! Scotty didn't weigh on peg 4 and Martin only had 1lb 4oz on peg 6, Roger had a similar catch of 14oz from peg 8 as did Bob Hammond on 12. Robin had 2lb 5oz and was cursing those lost fish. My fish went 5lb 12oz and put me in the lead with only Alvin to weigh. Alvin's fish just pipped Moses by an ounce with 3lb 4oz and I'd won! I picked up £35 plus £1's off Alvin and Moses and was well chuffed because it's my first win here for a couple of years and my first victory on the whip. I'd fished a tidy match apart from a few bumped fish and I was glad I'd got my head down and stuck to the task.

After two matches it had put me in a good position in the league with a first and a second placing.

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 5lb 12oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 3lb 4oz
3 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 3lb 3oz

Next up is Perry St on Sunday and peg 10 would be nice although I'd probably cock it up!