Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dillington Pond - Evening League - 28th July 2010

I turned up for the final fixture, knowing that realistically I couldn't win the league but second and third places were up for grabs, I just needed to beat Martin and Alvin (which is a lot easier said than done!). There were only five of us fishing tonight so at least we should have plenty of room. I drew the disabled platform (peg 21), a swim I've never fished before and it has been a fairly decent peg.

I decided I was just going to set the whip up and get my head down and see what I could do. I mixed up some Sensas Roach and was ready in plenty of time, in fact everyone was set up early so Robin blew the whistle quarter of an hour early. I flicked my little waggler out, followed by a small ball of groundbait and waited for the float to disappear. It did eventually but it wasn't fast and furious and I was missing/bumping loads of fish again. After an hour I'd only had 27 fish and already Martin on peg 18 was miles ahead. I couldn't see Alvin, Robin or Moses on the opposite bank catching much but then I've said that before!

Hour two saw my catch rate improve slightly but I still wasn't getting much in the way of quality and was catching too many tiny perch and roach. I was still missing more bites than I was hitting and caster only saw me catch a couple of fish and I had to wait ages for the bites. I struggled on and what kept my interest was that I really hadn't seen Alvin catch much at all. I was sure that Martin would frame tonight (they were paying two) and clinch second in the league and that Moses would win it but I just needed to beat Alvin as I had a superior weight going into this match, in case of a points tie.

In the last hour my catch rate improved a little bit more and I had a nice rudd (where had they all disappeared too?) but lost two decent roach that took the bait on the drop. I ended with 95 fish and had no idea what they weighed (just for a change!) as I had quite a few tiny fish. I spoke to Martin who had 155 fish and I reckoned he'd win it with that, he also said he thought that Alvin had struggled and I convinced myself I'd sneaked third place in the league. Alvin and Moses came round to weigh me in first and Alvin said Moses had bagged up on eels, big roach and rudd (so that's where they all were!). My fish weighed a disappointing 6lb 12oz but Alvin said he had around the same so it was going down to the wire for third place.

Martin had 9lb 6oz and then Moses stuck a fantastic 13lb 15oz on the scales (for which he also picked up £25 for the top weight in the league), Robin had 4lb 5oz and then Alvin had 7lb 2oz to pip me - bugger. Those two lost roach would have done it, but then I missed/bumped so many fish and others said the same too.

1 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 13lb 15oz
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 9lb 6oz
3 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 7lb 2oz

Final league positions

1 - Moses Holbrook - 9 points
2 - Martin Heard - 11 points
3 - Alvin Jones - 12 points

I finished with 14 points and after such a strong start to the league, I faded badly and need to sort this whip fishing out. Much like last year the fishing got better as the league went on and there were some cracking weights topped off my Moses final match weight. After a bad start, Moses went on to win three matches on his way to victory, Martin won two and I won the other one. Thanks must go to Alvin for organising a good little league and sorting the bait out. I'm at Chris Haine's pond next Sunday so hopefully I should see some elastic come out (same peg as last time please!).

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dillington Pond - Summer League - 25th July 2010

I wasn't hopeful of a result today as I just can't get my head round Dillington and keep trying to sort out quality when I should just be getting my head down and catching whatever is in front me. At the draw there were 11 of us, including Richard White who hasn't fished for ages. I drew peg 2 which is on the point and can be a good peg, peg 1 wasn't in as there are no branches left on the tree!

On arriving at the pond it was nice to see the level back to normal and the pond had a green-ish tinge. Heardy was on my left and I could see Roger and Moses on the opposite bank, Moses was soon proposing his £1 winner take all side bet, which I stupidly accepted. It was already starting to get really hot as I set my rigs up. I actually set up three!!!!!, a 4 metre whip rig and two rigs for the margins to left and right as they were both different depths. I mixed up some Sensas Roach and was ready to go.

On the whistle I cupped in two balls by the reeds to my left and half a cup of casters and hemp to the right before starting on the whip. I tossed out a small nugget of groundbait and the rig settled and then slid away and I swung in a 3oz roach - easy peasy! I had eight decent roach on the trot before I missed my first bite and then had a couple of small perch, had about 15 fish in the first hour and reckoned on having the best part of 2lb. Things started to slow in the second hour but I couldn't see anyone setting the world alight, so I plodded on. I did have a nice perch of 8oz and a cracking roach on caster but started to bump and miss more bites.

It was now boiling hot and my maggots were starting to suffer, bites were slowing down so I tried both my inside lines and never had a bite on either! Back on the whip line and this had slowed to a virtual stop, Martin walked up and he was struggling too although he had more fish than me and looking round the pond everyone seemed to be in the same boat. There were quite a few fish topping out further so I set up yet another rig!, this one a Drennan Squatt float for fishing up in the water, but again I never had a bite out on it.

There was a bit of a breeze blowing from left to right but strangely the 'trip' was going back the other way. By now Robin was walking too and he said Leighton had caught some nice roach and I'd seen Moses land a good perch and a couple of eels. I tried flicking the whip rig by the reeds to the left and this brought a run of two perch and a roach before it died, trying to the right produced no bites at all. I plumbed up with the Drennan Squatt rig so I could hold the rig still over the whip line and I only caught one small roach right on the whistle to end with 61 fish. I thought I had about 4lb or so but I was sure Moses and Alvin along with Martin had all beaten me so the best I could hope for was a section win by default.

I was first to weigh and my fish actually went 5lb 7oz which was better than I thought, Martin had 8lb 1oz and I knew he'd win it with that. The rest of our section struggled and the next best weight was Steve Parker with 1lb 12oz. Malcolm Levy was the first to weigh in the other section and he had 4lb 13oz so I was still hanging onto second place, Leighton had 2lb 12oz and then Alvin knocked me down into third with 6lb 3oz. Rich weighed 2lb 8oz and then Moses had 4lb 14oz and when Roger weighed 2lb 9oz, it was confirmed I'd snuck in third place and picked up £20.

After six matches and dropping the worst result, Alvin and Martin are jointly leading with 8 points followed by Moses with 13.

1 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 8lb 1oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 6lb 3oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 5lb 7oz

A - Steve Parker (Ilminster) - 1lb 12oz
B - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 4lb 14oz

I'm back out here again on Wednesday for the last evening match and I'm currently in fourth place in the league and need a really good result to get in the top three of the league.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summerhayes - Evening Match - 22nd July 2010

After coming close last Thursday I was itching to get back for another go so booked in for this week's evening match. There were 11 fishing this week including venue expert Alvin, Scott and Roger Russell, Martin Heard and Bruce Hunt. After a cup of coffee and paying my pools, it was time to draw. I fancied another go at 23 but pulled out peg 8, apparently it's not used much and a quick check of previous evening results and I couldn't see it figuring in the frame - great!

Scotty gave me some expanders (star man) and I was off to my peg, it looked ok and the island was reachable with 13 metres of pole, which was a bonus. There were loads of carp moving all along our side and it looked set to be a good match. Scott had drawn peg 2 which hasn't got a lot of form and he wasn't happy. I decided on two lines, at 10 metres just past the middle and tight across at 13 metres. The start time soon arrived and I cupped in half a pole pot of micros and corn across and the same at 10 metres. I started with corn on the size 16 808 and was getting bites straight away and I was soon safely netting carp number one.

Next put in, I was emptying my toss pot when I hooked a fish on the drop, it felt like it was foulhooked and as I was shipping back, the hook pinged out and left the rig in a right mess around the pole tip. Adrian Bishop on peg 6 was now on two carp as I tried to untangle the bird's nest. I spent ages and was getting nowhere and I was aware of time ticking away. In the end I've cut the rig off and as I didn't have a replacement (piss poor preparation), I've gone out with the deep rig, down the track with 6mm soft pellet on the hook. I had a few indications but nothing positive and with loads of carp moving across I was worried about falling too far behind and had to set up another shallow rig.

By now nearly an hour had gone and I was starting to worry and it was bloody raining again, a decent roach and then carp number two settled my nerves but I was still going nowhere fast. I tried different spots along the far side but by the halfway point I hadn't added any more fish. I hadn't seen Scott on peg 2, Pete on 4 or Adrian on 6 have much and the next angler to my left seemed to be struggling too so I came back down the track with soft pellet on the hook. It still wasn't happening so I switched to a 4mm pellet and all of a sudden I was getting bites.

I had a 1lb tench followed by a 4oz skimmer and thought I could at least have a go for the silverfish pool. I was feeding micros with a few expanders each put in and the peg was really starting to fizz and then I started catching carp. I had five more carp, with one going about 5lb and a couple of rudd in the next hour, I also lost four foulhookers. Adrian was now fishing down by the lilies to his right for silvers and I hadn't seen Scott land anymore. In the last hour I had another four carp, landing one on the whistle to end with 11 carp, 1 tench, 1 roach and 2 rudd for around 20lb.

I packed up and took half my kit back to the car, Scotty had thrown his 3 carp and bits back, Pete said he hadn't done that well and Adrian said he'd only had a couple of carp but had fished for silvers for most of the match so I thought I'd probably beaten the anglers around me. By the car I saw Alvin who said he'd had 8 or 9 carp but that Heardy had bagged up on silvers. The weigh in started at Pete (as Scott had thrown back) and he had just under 10lb, Adrian had 7lb 9oz of silvers and his couple of carp giving him 14lb odd. My silvers went 2lb 2oz and with my carp weighing 19lb 14oz, I ended with a level 22lb.

I took the rest of my kit back to the car and walked round the other side of the pond to watch the remainder of the weigh in, I got there just as Alvin weighed in and he had over 29lb (and he reckoned he hadn't done very well!) and when Heardy said he'd had 22lb 3oz, I thought I'd been 'ounced' out of it again. But then Scott said they were paying three tonight - phew. Back at the results and I was indeed called out in third place and picked up £20. I enjoyed it again but that hour 'faffing about' had really cost me and I should have had second if not first. So more lessons learnt, next time I will definately have duplicate rigs set up and I won't spend too long on a line if I'm not getting bites.

1 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 29lb+
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 22lb 3oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 22lb

Silvers - Adrian Bishop (Summerhayes) - 7lb 9oz

Still at least I'd stopped the rot for now, next up is Dillington on Sunday and I'm not hopeful of a result out there.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 10 - 18th July 2010

The final match arrived and I was guaranteed a corner peg today, as was my nemesis Janders. He paid me the £5 side bet we had on the league as I was thirty points ahead of him - cheers John! He'd phoned me earlier in the week and we convinced each other we'd draw pegs 1 and 20 (crap) rather the fliers 10 and 11 at the other end of the pond. Steve Bishop pulled out peg 11 so we hurriedly went in the bucket and Dave Abrams had the last peg which turned out to be peg 10 - bugger, our prophecy had come true. I opened my peg, hoping I had 20 but no of course I had poxy peg 1, not good.

The peg looks good but has been rubbish of late, there's a huge bank of lilies in front of you and more to the right leaving only a small channel to try and land an angry carp in - snag city. I still fancied I'd hook a few but whether or not I'd get them out was a different matter. I set up three rigs, a Carpa 2 for open water at 11.5 metres, a Drennan Carp for fishing by the lilies at 11.5 metres to my right and a Trabucco dibber for fishing on the inside to my right. This rig would also double up for fishing up in the water. All rigs had size 16 Tubertini 808's and 0.14mm bottoms. I also fitted toss pots to all three top kits (some might say this meant there was a toss pot at each end!).

I didn't have as long to set up as I would have liked due to having to take Les's gear to his peg (and he still won't let me fish Hainsey's the week after next!). On the whistle I cupped in half a pot of micros with a few bits of corn on all three lines before starting with the shallow rig and maggot to avoid the blank. My first small fish dropped off but I soon had two rudd and a roach safely in my keepnet, now for the carp! Janders got off to a flying start landing a small carp quite quickly, but apart from him nobody else at our end seemed to be doing much.

I went out on my open water line with corn on the hook, I had two bites quite quickly (which I missed) and felt it was only a matter of time before I hooked my first carp. I was still thinking this an hour later and it was time for a change, Terry Green-Niblett had landed a couple of carp on peg 3 to put him in the boss seat for the section. Bushy next to we was having lots of duck trouble but no fish trouble! My next move was to fish the line at 11.5 metres by the lilies, again I had a couple of bites before this died a death and I still hadn't added to my three small fish.

I fed all my lines again and tried the inside to the right, this seemed devoid of fish as well and I was all out of ideas (again!). Hoff was in third place in the league going into this match but had drawn badly on peg 18 on the opposite bank to my left, he'd just had one small carp as had Oz next to him on 19. I rotated all my lines again and had another bite on the 11.5 metre lily line, which resulted in a 4oz roach (not quite what I'd hoped for!). I then hooked a decent carp which I tried to tire out in open water but it still gave me some hairy moments in the channel, I eventually netted a decent common of about 4lb. Janders now had two carp and Terry Niblett had two carp and two tench but hopefully my fish would signal the start of a purple patch.

That fish was actually a false dawn and no more bites with over half the match gone left me scratching my head. Bushy was still getting 'ducked out' and becoming more and more frustrated, Terry now had five or six fish and would probably win the section or even frame. Word on the bank was that pegs 10 and 11 were catching (surprise, surprise) and Les had a few as did league champion Hainsey. Back on my margin line I missed a bite on banded pellet and then a good bite on corn, I felt there were some fish there but they wouldn't get their heads down. I kept having a nagging thought that they were up in the water as twice I lifted the rig into a fish and Oz had caught a couple shallow.

I then had a bite on corn that saw elastic streaming out briefly before the fish smashed me in the lilies (painful!). With half an hour left I tried up in the water with banded pellet and spraying pellets over the top but never had a bite on it. Janders ended with three carp and was looking good for a section win and a pound off me, he also gets my man of the match award for doing well off a shit peg. I was relieved when Les signalled the all out and will be glad to see the back of the pond until next year.

I was first to weigh and my carp and four small fish went 4lb 8oz, Bushy didn't weigh and if he never sees a duck again it'll be too soon. Terry did well with 22lb 13oz from peg 3, Mike C had a level 1lb and Les had 17lb 6oz from peg 5 although he smashed a top three on a fish which is still in the pond somewhere! Butch only had 5oz off peg 6 (so it's not just me then!) and then Blaker did really well with 33lb 11oz from peg 7. Alan Dunn (another contender for the league before today) blew out with 4lb 8oz from peg 8 and Picky took a pound off me with 7lb 6oz from peg 9 (and he wanted me to mention it's 8-7 to him now).

Dave Abrams had 30lb 8oz from 10 and Bish had an excellent 46lb 12oz from 11 and Dino had 25lb 10oz from 12 so this end had fished quite well again. Then there were two DNW's from Mike H and Rocking, Chris Haines was then the only decent weight in the remaining pegs with 19lb 3oz. Mike T had 5lb 8oz and Dave L weighed 5lb 2oz, Hoff blew his league chances with 2lb 11oz, Oz had 7lb 7oz and Janders a section winning 9lb 1oz (and did I mention he was man of the match?). All that was left now was the prize giving.

Once again the winning weights were the opposite end to me!

The top three in the league from left to right, Les (who came second despite having a leg chopped off!), Chris and Bish

Chris was crowned champion with 161 pts (an average of over 16 per match which is just brilliant), followed by Les and Bish leapfrogged into third place, well done guys. Bushy at least had something to smile about as him and Les won the pairs knockout and Picky won the individual.

1 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 46lb 12oz
2 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 33lb 11oz
3 - Dave Abrams (Weymouth) - 30lb 8oz

A - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 22lb 13oz
B - Alan Gage (Chard) - 7lb 6oz
C - Graham Pepper (Chard) - 25lb 10oz
D - John Anderson (Chard Minnows) - 9lb 1oz

Final League Positions
1 - Chris Haines - 161 pts
2 - Les Braunton - 139 pts
3 - Steve Bishop - 135 pts

Pairs Knockout winners - Les Braunton and Steve Bush

Individual Knockout winner - Alan Gage

The club would like to thank Chris for his continued support and Les for organising an excellent league. Personally, my league had some highs and lows, did manage two third places and two section wins but also endured some gruellers, I was glad to finally get a result off peg 6 (perhaps I just need three goes at every peg!).

Mike C let me have the latest junior match result from 10th July on the pond (see below), all the juniors caught fish and the top two found bonus carp to boost their weights

1 - Ethan Collins - 4lb 9oz
2 - Kevin Buxton - 4lb 7oz
3 - Sean Atyeo - 6oz
4 - Brad Chard - 3oz

So I've fished four matches on four different venues this week and not picked up a bean! Next Sunday I'm back at Dillington and I'm not doing too well out there at the moment, I might try and sneak a Thursday match in at Summerhayes before then as well.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer League Table

Leighton Cox wanted me to put the Summer League table on here, the only way I could do it was by scanning it in and uploading it as a picture. Hope this is ok, if you click on the picture you can see it better.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summerhayes - Evening Match - 15th July 2010

After two bad matches I thought I might as well make it three in a row and fish the Thursday evening match at Summerhayes. The weather was atrocious and with the match being on Sellicks where 14.5 metres minimum is a must on most pegs, it could be hard going. There were eight hardy anglers (or crazy fools) booked in including Scotty, Alvin and Bruce Hunt. Everybody wanted pegs 11 or 14 as these were pretty sheltered but of course I pulled out 23, which is a corner peg and can be feast or famine.

With the match being a three hour sprint, I decided on two lines so not to confuse myself. One line was at 13 metres along the bank and the other was at 10 metres into the corner. The longer line had a Drennan Carp float and the other rig, a little Trabucco dibber, both rigs had 0.14mm bottoms and size 16 808's. For bait I had Ringers micro pellets (wetted), corn and some expanders that Scotty very kindly did for me (same again next match please!). On the whistle I cupped in half a pot of micros with a pinch of corn on both lines and started on the longer line with a eye to feeding the shorter line and fishing it in the last hour.

First put in with corn on the hook the float buried and green Preston Hollow elastic streamed out, I shipped back slowly and the fish surfaced and looked to be a gold, koi type thing of a couple of pounds, I unshipped at the top three and pushed the landing net out only for the poxy hook to pull out - bugger, not a good start. I baited up again and filled my toss pot with a couple of grains of corn and micros (squeezed into the pot so they wouldn't get bounced out in the wind that was getting worse by the minute) and went out again. Three carp in three chucks for about 4lb made me start to think I could do a good weight. Scotty reckoned 15 carp would be there or thereabouts.

I then lost a foulhooked fish at the net but with only half an hour gone, I wasn't too worried. I then suffered a spell of missed bites and foulhooked fish that were only on briefly. After an hour I was up to four fish but was really struggling with the wind blowing the pole all over the place. I fed the corner again with the intention of trying it shortly. Then the rain started with a vengence and it was turning into a miserable night. Roger Russell turned up to see how Scotty was getting on and said we must all be mad (I didn't disagree). While he was there I hooked and landed a decent 3lb carp and shortly after had carp number six.

With no more bites at 13 metres and half of the match gone I decided to try the corner but no bites saw me cup some more feed in before going long again. There were now proper waves and I was having a job seeing the float, looking up the pond I could see the angler on the next peg and Scotty netting odd fish and guessed the sheltered pegs were probably doing even better. With just over half an hour left I came back in on the corner, still potting in some micros (now not just wetted but soaked!) and corn. A fish topped by the island and when I looked back the float had gone and I was soon netting a 2lb mirror carp.

I was now absolutely drenched but that fish had got my interest back and hopefully a good last half an hour might see me catch a couple more. I missed a bite next put in and then had number eight, followed by a lost fish (foulhooked?) and then my best fish of 5lb, with 5 mins to go I hooked fish number ten and landed a small common after the whistle. I packed up my sodden gear and while I was doing that Alvin came along and reckoned I'd done enough for second place! (don't you hate it when people say that?). He also said he reckoned Scotty had won it, although Scott was adamant he hadn't.

The scales started on the other side and most people had struggled with the wind and rain, Mark Leader on one of the sheltered pegs had 12 carp and weighed 24lb odd and I didn't think I had that, Alvin then weighed 21lb 15oz and I knew it would be close between us. Scotty had just under 20lb, including over 10lb of silvers which saw him take the silvers pool. Then it was my turn and I knew I had around 20lb and when the owner, Peter, called out 22lb I was happy and about to put my fish back when Alvin wanted to check the weight and my new weight was called out 21lb 13oz and I missed out on second place by 2oz! Bugger, I'd had enough fish on to win it and didn't pick up a bean as they only paid two. That first lost fish was costly and I wished I'd tried harder in the middle part of the match, also I should have fished the corner for the whole of the last hour, still lessons learnt.

In a perverse kind of way, I'd quite enjoyed it and will definately fish some more matches here when I can. Back at the results and Pete laid on choccy biscuits, crisps and a very welcome cup of coffee.

1 - Mark Leader (Summerhayes) - 24lb+
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 21lb 15oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 21lb 13oz (grrr)

Sunday I'm at Perry St with a corner guarenteed, please let it be 10, or will my bad run continue?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dillington Pond - Evening League - 14th July 2010

With only two matches left in the league I was hoping to stop the slide that has seen me drop from first place in the last match. The weather was overcast and it looked like it might rain and there was also a blustery wind. There were seven of us fishing and the pegging was pretty spread out, I drew peg 12, just along from where I was last time and Moses drew the same peg he won off last time but would he find another bonus fish this time?

I set up my trusty whip and a Drennan Roach rig to fish just past the whip line. There was quite a bit of tow and it was affecting the whip rig quite badly so I thought I might have to fish the pole to hold the bait still. Rob blew his whistle and we were off, I cupped in two balls on the pole line at 7 metres before starting on the whip. I had a rudd first put in on maggot so switched to caster and started getting odd better fish, although I wasn't catching as fast as the last match the fish were of a better stamp and I had 32 fish for around 3-4lb in the first hour.

Justin Charles was next peg along on 14 but had arrived late but was getting a few small fish, Alvin on peg 4 was catching well but Martin reckoned he was struggling (yeah right!), Rob Cox was getting a few on 8 and I couldn't really tell how Bob and Moses were getting on. The second hour saw my whip line slow so I tried the pole and had a good roach first chuck on double maggot, my next fish was a tiny perch so I tried caster. I was getting fish but they weren't any bigger than maggot fish and I was losing my way. The wind was awful and made feeding a nightmare, back on the whip saw me getting odd fish but my catch rate had dropped right off.

Moses caught a chub shortly followed by a good eel and then another chub! was he going to win again? Martin certainly thought so. Then the rain started and although I didn't have my bib and brace, I had at least brought a coat, unlike poor Justin who was getting soaked. Hour three saw me struggle on with the whip getting odd fish but I knew I wasn't going to beat Moses or Alvin who had landed several decent perch. To be honest it wasn't much fun and I was relieved when Rob called the all out, I ended with 76 fish and thought I had 5lb or so.

We all hurriedly packed up and the scales soon arrived at my peg, Moses had weighed 11lb 1oz (his fourth 11lb+ weight on the trot) and I thought he'd win again. Justin didn't weigh and my fish went a rather disappointing 6lb 1oz, Robin had 4lb 4oz, so at least I'd beaten the anglers either side. Then Martin had 11lb 14oz (struggle then!) and now looks to be in line for the biggest weight of the series prize, beating Moses previous best by an ounce. Alvin had 11lb 4oz for second place and Bob didn't bother the scalesman.

Another poor result (4 points) saw me slip to fourth in the league behind Moses on 8 and Alvin and Martin on 9 and I really need a good result in the last match to stand any chance of a league placing but I just can't see it happening. Once again I'd tried to target quality with casters but you just can't catch enough of them.

1 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 11lb 14oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 11lb 4oz
3 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 11lb 1oz

I'm at Summerhayes tomorrow night so after two bad matches, will it be third time lucky? I doubt it.

Also I popped into the new fishing shop in Chard, The Tackle Box, and the owner seems really nice, he hasn't got much match gear in at the moment but hopefully that will change. I wish him luck and it's nice to have a tackle shop in Chard again, check out his website at

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Private Pond - Summer League - 11th July 2010

For round five we were fishing a private pond and I couldn't wait as there were supposed to be big roach, rudd, skimmers and tench and big weights were expected. The pond is primarily a carp venue and we decided to make it a silvers only match. There were thirteen of us at the draw and I pulled out peg 1 which meant nothing to me. We reached the pond and it looked nice with loads of carp moving and odd small fish topping. My peg was on the far side and an end peg, I had Martin Heard and Ashley Tomkins to my left and I could see Roger Russell and Moses opposite.

I mixed some groundbait and set up a couple of rigs, on plumbing up I couldn't find anywhere deeper than three foot and nor could anyone else from the comments round the pond. The lack of depth made me think this might not be the bagging session I'd hoped for. My plan was to fish a line at 11.5 metres over groundbait, while loose feeding casters at 5 metres. I set up a Drennan Carp for the long line and a Drennan Choppa for the caster line, both rigs had 0.12mm bottoms and size 18 B611's. I was concerned that it looked like Martin and Ashley were going for the whip/small fish approach.

On the whistle I cupped in two balls at 11.5 metres laced with maggots and casters before flicking out the shallow rig on just my top two to see if there was much about. I missed a couple of bites on caster before catching a 2oz roach (not the specimen I'd hoped for!). I was getting the odd roach but they wouldn't settle so I had to add a couple of sections on but I was still missing/bumping quite a few before experiencing lengthy blank spells. Already Martin and Ash were miles ahead as were Graham Field, Alvin and Moses who had also gone for small fish. I did catch a 12oz eel but looking across the pond, apart from the anglers fishing the whip, no one else was doing much.

I went out and tried my long line with corn on the hook and started getting bites but only from 4oz roach and a single rudd/bream hybrid. The bites soon died off so I fed two more balls of groundbait before coming back on the 5 metre line but this was still hard going as well. Neil Dring netted a decent perch but looked to be struggling as well. I decided to go for a walk, Martin and Ash were still catching loads of small fish and would be hard to beat unless some quality fish showed. Scott was struggling as was Robin, I walked down to see the other anglers and Steve Parker, Leighton Cox and Justin Charles were really struggling and had hardly any depth, in fact Justin only had around 6 inches (you wish!). As I was walking back Roger netted a 4lb tench, so there were some decent fish to be had.

I went back and kept trying both lines but it was a real struggle, although I did lose a decent eel that snagged me. I was on around 35 fish and Martin and Ash were already up around 160 plus! I just went through the motions until the end of the match and had got this one badly wrong. I ended with exactly 50 fish and knew I wouldn't be picking up any brown envelopes today. Worse still it looked like our £1 winner takes all bet would be going to Heardy.

I was first to weigh and put 6lb 2oz on the scales which was more than I expected, Heardy had 16lb 7oz and said Ash would beat him as he had more fish but he actually weighed 15lb 15oz, close but no cigar! Scott had 10lb 13oz which was pretty good for someone who was struggling!, Fieldy had 13lb 2oz and Rob had 3lb 10oz but had struggled with a big snag in his swim. Alvin was the first peg in the other section and had 9lb 6oz, Moses had 8lb 12oz and then Roger had 9lb 9oz which turned out to be the top weight in that section as the rest struggled, Neil had 5lb 6oz, Steve Parker 2lb 2oz, Leighton 3lb 2oz and Justin 4lb 6oz (although he did have a 12lb carp which didn't count).

So a different venue but the same result, a Heardy victory!

A disappointing day and not the big weights I'd hoped for, next up is an evening fixture on Wednesday, so lets see if I can get it right then!

1 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 16lb 7oz
2 - Ashley Tomkins (Yeovil and District Angling Centre) - 15lb 15oz
3 - Graham Field (Ilminster) - 13lb 2oz
A - Scott Russell (YDAC) - 10lb 13oz
B - Roger Russell (Ilminster) - 9lb 9oz

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 9 - 4th July 2010

First of all, sorry for the lateness of this weeks blog but I've just moved house and I never had any internet access and I've been climbing the walls!

The penultimate round arrived and although I was out of the running in the league, I was still in line for a corner peg (as were 7 others). I stuck my hand in the bucket and only went and pulled out peg 6 again! (the third time in four matches) and although a decent peg, I just can't seem to get my head around it. It did look nice though and there were loads of fish moving. The weather was a bit more overcast and I reckoned the pond might fish quite well. I had last week's winner Steve Bishop on my right and he was on the same peg he won from last time, would he do well again? Mike Collins was on my left although I couldn't see him, I could see Picky and Janders so would have an idea how the side bets were looking.

My peg had changed quite a bit from the first time I drew it, alongside the margin lilies there were also some at around 8.5 metres by the submerged tree and there were loads of blows coming up near them. There were also loads of carp showing themselves in and around the tree but I didn't want to have to go too tight for them as I knew I'd lose loads of gear. I set up a dibber for fishing shallow, a Carpa 2 for the 8.5 metre line and a Drennan Carp rig for fishing the margins.

On the whistle I cupped in some damp micro pellets and corn on the longer line as well as in the margins to my left. I started with my shallow rig with double red maggot on the hook by the lilies to my right to try and catch a few small fish to avoid the blank. I missed a couple of bites but couldn't find a rudd so I stuck a couple of sections on and fished just off the lilies at 8.5 metres. Oz opposite on peg 14 got off to a flying start and had already landed a couple of carp. My float buried but instead of a rudd flying out of the water, my elastic streamed out and a carp had taken a liking for the two grubs. After a few minutes I netted a 3lb carp and the blank was avoided.

Les had been giving me stick over not doing too well off the peg on my previous two visits and said if I could beat the five fish he had off it last match, he'd make me man of the match! With the pressure off a bit, I shipped out again, the float dipped and I had a 4oz roach, it was time to try my longer line with the depth rig. I buried the size 16 Tubertini 808 in a grain of corn, put some micros and a couple of grains of corn in the attached toss pot and shipped out. The float settled before sliding away, I struck into thin air! This happened next put in as well and with all the fizzing going on, there were obviously a few fish there!

I didn't miss the next bite and the plodding fight indicated a bream and I was soon sliding the net under my first 'slab' of the series. This was all going rather well and judging by the comments around the pond, it was fishing hard. Dino and Hainsey on pegs 15 and 16 hadn't caught carp yet and more importantly nor had Janders so that pound was safe for now. Along with toss potting in some feed every chuck, I was firing a few hard pellets off the end of the tree for the shallow rig later. I lost a foulhooked bream before catching a small 8oz carp and then lost a better one that snapped me. My next two fish were foulhooked bream and I added another carp, so after only two hours I was on six fish (man of the match then Les?) and although I was a couple of fish behind Oz I was up with the leaders at this early stage.

Bish had got off the mark, as had Mike C next to me and Hainsey although Dino was still blanking. A few more fish were being landed and Les, Picky and Terry Green on peg 11 all had carp. I was still getting bites but I couldn't hit them and after catching two decent roach in quick succession, I wondered if they were the reason for all the missed bites. I gave it a little longer but the carp off the end of the tree were calling so just after the half way point in the match, I went out with the shallow rig and a banded 6mm pellet.

I was constantly flicking a few pellets over the top and lifting and dropping the rig and after five minutes the float disappeared and elastic streamed out but before I knew it the fish had reached the sanctuary of the tree and snapped me. I safely managed to land the next two carp but every time I got close to Oz, he would pull away again. I was careful to feed the 8.5 metres line every hour or so but the bubbling had stopped so I stuck at it on the shallow rig. Dino was still carpless and hacked right off, his cause wasn't helped when Oz lost a carp and somehow ended up attached to Dinos rig! Seeing them two pulling against each other was hilarious and I wish I'd got some snaps.

I was still getting the odd fish off the tree and I'd lost a couple as well, the fish could be seen right under the tree but you can't get to them and only odd fish would venture out. I did lose a rig to a fish and wasted time getting set up again. Hainsey now had three carp including a bonus ten pounder on his maggot rig, Dino only had a small fish to show for his efforts. Terry Green had landed quite a few but lost even more, I'd seen Picky land a couple but Janders was still stuck on a couple of roach. I did try by the lilies again but the fish had gone and they weren't fizzing anymore. I didn't try my margin line at all and perhaps I should have done instead of fishing off the end of the tree for the last hour without adding anymore fish. The final score stood at 10-6 to me.

I ended with seven carp, three bream and three roach and reckoned on having about 18lb or so as several of my carp had been on the smallish side. I packed up and as we all gathered around peg 1, it became apparent how hard that end of the pond had fished again, Dave Lawrence had a 1lb of small fish and the lovely Chanter (welcome back mate) had 15oz off peg 2. Dave Abrams had an early bath again, Mike T had done ok with 12lb 12oz and Bish continued his charge for a league placing with a level 17lb. My fish actually went 24lb 15oz but I knew I needed a couple more fish to challenge Oz. Mike T had 4lb 4oz and Blaker had six fish for 21lb 11oz on peg 8 and when Butch weighed 8lb 4oz and Rocking Roy didn't weigh off peg 10, I knew I'd won the section.

Blaker won his section with 21lb 11oz

Terry Green-Niblett had ten fish for 38lb 14oz and looked shell shocked as he'd lost around the same number! Les had 15lb 9oz and Picky had a level 10lb (the score is now 7-7 between us with the decider in two weeks time). Oz had 31lb 10oz which meant I was still hanging onto a frame place. Dino didn't weigh and Chris had three carp for 16lb 7oz, Janders had 4oz and handed over a pound, the Hoff had 1lb 4oz to put a dent in his league chances, Dunner had 9lb 4oz and Bushy had 15lb 14oz from peg 20. So I was third and picked up £60 and although I have no chance of a league placing, I do have a corner to come next match with a 50-50 chance of drawing a decent one (10 or 11). Section wins went to Bish, Blaker, Les and Hainsey.

Woo-hoo, finally got a result off peg 6

In the league Hainsey is now uncatchable with 146 points although the race for 2nd and 3rd is interesting with Les on 125, Hoff on 123 and Dunner on 122. It was also the final of the pairs knockout and Les and Bushy beat Picky and Hainsey by a single point. That only leaves me to award my man of the match award and although I'm tempted to give it to myself, I feel it has to go to Hainsey again for yet another good performance off a mediocre peg.

1 - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 38lb 14oz
2 - Steve Osborne (Chard) - 31lb 10oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 24lb 15oz

A - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 17lb
B - Paul Blake (Chard) - 21lb 11oz
C - Les Braunton (Chard) - 15lb 9oz
D - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 16lb 7oz

Next Sunday I'm either at Dillington or a private pond which could be very interesting, I'll let you know.