Sunday, June 29, 2014

Perry St Pond - League 7 - 29th June 2014

After some lovely weather of late, yesterday was just awful with some really heavy rain storms, the forecast was that Sunday would be the better of the two days and on waking up it looked like they had got it right for once. On arriving at the pond it was obvious we were a few short again with Pup and Exeter Mike away on their holidays and some others missing for various reasons. Janders was back from Cornwall and looking like a bronzed Adonis! I got the honor of choosing the envelope with the draw sequence in this week and on opening it, saw I was in peg 4 and I was fairly happy with that. The sequence also meant pegs 10, 11 and 12 weren't taken and also peg 3 on my right was vacant too and empty pegs are normally a bit of a bonus. With the top end empty, I felt pegs 9 and 13 and 1 and 20 would be the pegs to beat today.

On getting to my peg I noticed there were loads of lilies in front of me, luckily I managed to borrow a weed cutter off Picky in the next peg and clear a nice area in front of me. I set up three rigs, a dibber to fish up in the water with 0.14mm bottom and a size 18 B911 with a hair rigged band in a loop, a duplicate rig and also a 0.4 gram Drennan Carp to fish meat at 5 metres. For bait I had dead maggots, 6mm meat and 6mm and 8mm Bait Tech pellets. Picky was on my left with Janders next to him so I would be able to keep an eye on my side bets today.
Peg 4 before I gave it a hair cut!
The whistle went and I cupped in some meat at 5 metres before starting on the shallow rig at 11.5 metres, with a 6mm pellet and firing out half a dozen pellets every few seconds. Oz opposite got off to a flying start catching a carp nearly straight away and then lost one not long after and I hoped we'd be in for a good day. Rocking Roy opened his account quite quickly too and then after about twenty minutes I've had my first carp which was about 2lb. I noticed Bushy in peg 20 had flown out of the blocks landing four or five carp really quickly and at this early stage it was looking like he'd be the man to beat. My first hour was steady and I landed three carp and I wasn't too far off the pace from what I could see.

Janders had landed a couple of fish although Picky wasn't doing much so far and from what I could see around the pond nobody was bagging up. I had two more carp in hour two although the second one snapped the hair in the landing net, I tied a new hooklength on and then hooked carp number six only to lose it and I came back minus the hooklength and I think the loop knot hadn't been tied very securely - schoolboy error! After a hectic start it looked like Bushy had slowed up and bankside reports suggested that Dino in peg 7 and Chilly in peg 9 were getting odd fish without setting the world alight so it was still all to play for.

I had my sixth carp at the start of hour three and then my mate Andy turned up and it was great to see him as it had been ages since we last spoke, I had a couple more carp while he was there and then Dave Lawrence turned up as well. I hooked another carp and my audience took the piss as the fish led me a merry dance through some lilies but I did safely net it. Dave left me to it and I hooked another just as he was leaving and I thought I had it under control when it went potty after I'd unshipped to the top two (why do they do that?) and eventually wrapped me around some lilies and I lost it.

Picky was now getting odd fish and Janders was still landing a few but most of the anglers on the far bank seemed to be really struggling. I had another carp snap my hair whilst thrashing about in the net and that was my last one! I tied another one but it took me a while and I hoped these stupid mistakes and lack of preparation wouldn't cost me. Andy had seen enough and said his goodbyes only to replaced a few minutes later by the Torquay Tart who had disappeared off the face of the Earth for the last few months (well we can live in hope!). I was still getting the odd carp but lost one when he was there when the hook pulled out which just confirmed he's a bloody jinx!

I'd been feeding the meat line all day but as yet hadn't tried it and the Tart kept suggesting I try it but I just couldn't see the point when I was still getting fish shallow! The last hour was pretty good for me and I landed another three of four carp to put me on sixteen but I'd had some smaller fish this week. I packed up and Les wandered up and said I'd won it but I wasn't so sure as Bushy had done well in peg 20. We all took our gear back to the cars and awaited the weigh in, the lad fishing for Hainsey in peg 1 had a torrid time, snapping his pole early on and he didn't bother weighing. Les in peg 2 had put together a nice net of eels and bream for 11lb 4oz on chopped worm and I think that's the best silvers weight this series. Then it was my turn and after I emptied my three nets my final weight was called at 48lb 8oz but would it be enough?

Picky weighed 15lb 2oz and for once he was telling the truth and his paste fish were on the small side and the scores on the doors now reads 3-3, Janders had some right lumps and weighed 25lb 6oz to go into second place but still had to pay me a pound. Dino had 22lb 6oz in peg 7 before Chilly in peg 9 pushed Janders down a place when he weighed 29lb 6oz. The far side had been hard work with several people chucking back and not troubling the scales until we got to Bushy, he was admitting to nine carp so I thought I was safe but he'd had some lumps and it was closer than I'd anticipated when he weighed 38lb 6oz. So luckily my faffing about earlier hadn't cost me and I picked up £100 to make this my best month ever.
Today's board
1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 48lb 8oz
2 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 38lb 6oz
3 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 29lb 6oz
4 - John 'Janders' Anderson (Chard) - 25lb 6oz
5 - Graham 'Dino' Pepper (Taunton) - 22lb 6oz

1 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 11lb 4oz

With Jamie P not fishing today, Steve Bush has moved into pole position in the league with 45 points followed by Jamie on 49 and Andy Donovan on 54.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Halfway Point

As I approach the halfway mark of 2014 I thought I'd take a little time to reflect on the year so far and it's been a cracker and if the next six months are as good I'll be a very happy man! I wasn't too impressed with how the year started though with heavy rain keeping us off the river and I snapped my number ten section at Dillington. Thankfully amongst the awful weather I had some fantastic fishing and enjoyed a great day out with Russell Hilton where I caught two new personal bests, a perch of 2lb 6oz and a pike of 8lb 5oz. If you didn't catch it first time round have a look at my account of the day here

The fishing at Dillington just kept getting better and better and I caught some lovely nets of quality roach and rudd as I won five matches including four on the trot and even managed to win only my second ever match from a golden peg. Along the way Justin and me also won Barney's Pairs Open as I enjoyed a real purple patch. Another highlight was finally winning the V.E.S. Precision league after many years of trying and for good measure I added the Royal Oak title again as well!
A lovely net of quality roach and rudd from Dillington
My Dillington match weights and results so far this year

5th Jan - 4lb 12oz
12th Jan - 8lb 14oz - 3rd
19th Jan - 6lb 4oz - 1st
26th Jan - 11lb 5oz - 1st (and golden peg)
2nd Feb - 12lb 10oz - 1st
16th Feb - 14lb 15oz - 1st
23rd Feb - 17lb 10oz - 2nd
2nd Mar - 7lb - 2nd
11th May - 22lb 8oz - 1st
8th Jun - 14lb 4oz - 3rd
22nd Jun - 9lb 8oz

The pick of the bunch had to be the 11th May where I caught my best ever match weight at Dillington and you can read the report here

It wasn't just at Dillington either where I was winning matches as I won only my second ever match at Summerhayes and my first on Sellicks with my best ever match weight there, 58lb 12oz which included 23lb of skimmers, a lovely day.

I also jetted off for another amazing trip to Gillhams Resort in Thailand where I caught a new pb pacu of 10lb and equalled my biggest arapaima with a beauty of 260lb.

On my return I had a couple of good results at Perry St, a second place with 40lb 5oz from peg 10 followed by a win (only my fifth ever on the pond) with 53lb 7oz from peg 14.

As I write this, the blog is closing in on 178,000 hits which I find just staggering so thank you very much. So in summary so far this year, I've won seven matches, a golden peg, Barney's Pairs Open, the V.E.S. and Royal Oak leagues, had three new pb's, beaten my best match weights at two venues and won more brown envelopes than ever before by this stage, can the second half of the year possibly live up to the first six months? Whatever happens I hope you all continue to keep reading about my ups and downs and highs and lows!

Tight lines

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 4 - 22nd June 2014

After going out to watch the juniors last week where most of the fish were caught up in the water I was sure it would be the same today with hot sunny conditions forecast. There were only a few of us fishing today and I just can't understand it with the pond fishing so well. We decided to put all the pegs on one bank and I was hoping to draw one of the shady pegs but pulled out peg 23 where Bruce won last match. On arriving at the pond it was flat calm and looked to be very clear, lots of fish could be seen in the upper layers including a couple of bream in my peg! The bad news was that the pump was running which I didn't think would do me any favours today (I thought I'd get my excuses in early!).
Peg 23
After taking my kit to the peg, the first job was to mix up some Bait Tech Pro Natural before I set my rigs up. The first rig was a 1 gram Drennan Tipo to fish at depth with 0.12mm and a size 18 Kamasan B611, elastic was Daiwa blue hydro. I made up a rig yesterday (blimey I hear you cry!) to fish shallow and this was a 4 x 12 Preston Chianti with just four number 10 Stotz down the line to a 0.12mm bottom and size 18 B611, elastic for this rig was pink hydro.

I was just about ready when Steve blew the whistle (Rob's still on holiday) and cupped in two balls of groundbait at 10 metres before starting with the deep rig with single caster on the hook. It was slow going and I missed a few bites before catching a small roach, I had a few more roach and a couple of decent rudd but it was a struggle and before the first hour was up I was reaching for the shallow rig, I had a couple of quick fish and then lost a 12oz rudd at the net before I was struggling again. After the first hour was up I had only caught ten fish for probably 2lb and I was a little concerned at the lack of action.

From what I could see Fieldy was catching a few small fish but didn't really seem to be bagging, I carried on with the shallow rig and was getting odd net roach and rudd but was missing a lot of bites. After two hours I was only on about 17 fish which is not good at all, Big Frank and his boy turned up and said Fieldy had about 60 small fish so he wasn't catching as well as last match either. I kept swapping between the deep and shallow rigs but was putting very little in the net and by the half way mark I only had about 30 fish for about 3-4lb and I felt I needed snookers already (or two bream would do!).

In the fourth hour I was fishing the deep rig when a decent bite saw a fair bit of blue hydro come shooting of the pole tip and it soon became apparent I'd hooked an eel, it wasn't huge but at 8oz or so it was a welcome bonus and when I had another not long after I was hoping some better fish might put in an appearance. I kept trying the shallow rig but just couldn't seem to string more than a couple of fish together so with an hour and a half left I decided to concentrate on the depth rig and hope some bream might show. I hooked a third eel and was just about to net it when the hooklength parted, I scooped for it and it was actually in the landing net which was a bonus! Maybe I was in for a good last period of the match.

The temperature was now a little cooler and I started to get a few more bites in the last hour and added two more eels, some nice roach and even a little hybrid to finish with 58 fish which I thought would give me 7-8lb and I knew that would be no good today. To be honest this was the first match here for ages I hadn't actually enjoyed and just couldn't seem to catch quality fish in any numbers. I packed up and took my kit back to the car, I missed Bruce weighing in and when I asked how he'd got on he said he'd had 13lb and I knew I had nowhere near that. Steve P had 4lb 10oz from peg 19 and I hoped I had enough to take a nugget off him. Fieldy said he'd had 341 fish (so much for struggling then!) but they were all small (yeah right!), he weighed 16lb 3oz which was almost an identical catch to the one he had last time. That just left me and I weighed 9lb 8oz so I wasn't too far out with my estimate but there would be no envelope today as due to the depleted turnout Steve was only paying the top two.
Bruce had 13lb
Steve had 4lb 10oz
Fieldy had 16lb 3oz to win on the day
I had 9lb 8oz and was a long way off the pace this week
1 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 16lb 3oz
2 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 13lb

Fieldy leads the league with three points and I'm actually in second place with six but as I've already missed one match and will miss the next two, I will be slipping down the rankings rapidly over the next few weeks! I'm not too worried though as the whip is starting to dominate and I'm not a big fan! Roll on the winter :)
Oh well, there's always next week!
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Perry St Pond - League 6 - 15th June 2014

The weather was glorious for this match and it looked like we'd be in for a nice day for a change. I got to the car park for the draw and we were a few anglers short for this match due to people being on holiday and it being Father's Day among other things and I have to say I do feel for Les as it can be a nightmare trying to run a league. He does his best trying to get stand ins so the pay outs are not affected but some times that's just not possible so today we were missing four anglers. Les took the rather brave step of deciding not to have any league payouts so the daily pools wouldn't be affected and everybody seemed happy with that.

After sorting some bait and paying my pools, it was time to find out today's draw sequence, I've already had my two corners so wasn't really too fussed where I ended up today and when Les said my home for the next six hours would be peg 14 I was happy enough. It looked quite nice with quite a few carp cruising about and I fancied I might get a few up in the water today. Picky was in peg 15 with a hangover and ready to concede the pound already! Exeter Mike was in 13 and we agreed on a pound on overall weight so with Janders on holiday it was just the two side bets today.

The two favoured corners (pegs 10 and 11) were occupied by Bushy and Hainsey today although the wind was blowing down towards the other end of the pond but I still fancied them to do well. I set up three rigs, a little dibber for up in the water with a size 18 B911 with a hair rig to fish banded pellet, a Tabucco dibber for down the edge and a Drennan 0.4 gram Carp Float to fish at five metres. My bait tray was simplicity itself with just corn and 6mm and 8mm Bait Tech pellets. The pre match entertainment was provided by Les and Hainsey as they tried to catch trout from the little stream behind the pond, they both lost a couple before landing one each with Les claiming victory with a nice spottie around the pound mark!

Eventually it was time to start and on the whistle I fed my five metre line and inside lines with corn and pellets before starting shallow at 11.5 metres. Bish in peg 9 got off to a flying start with two carp in as many chucks and Hoff in peg 8 also got in on the act with an early fish. Oz in peg 6 hooked a lump which turned out to be a 7lb fish and it was looking like it could be a decent match. I thought if I could catch two carp an hour I would stand a chance of framing and as per usual I would give it an hour fishing shallow and see what the response was like. I was constantly firing out 5 or 6 pellets and lifting and dropping the rig and had my first carp after half an hour and it was a decent one of 4-5lb. I had a second of a similar size before the first hour was up.

I cupped in some more feed on my other two lines and continued fishing shallow, from what I could see both Bish and the Hoff had slowed up and Bushy was struggling in peg 10. The second hour was really good for me and I added another four carp and I was ahead of my target and when I added another three in the third hour to put me on nine fish I thought a good weight could be possible. From the bank side banter it sounded like Hainsey wasn't getting much in peg 11 although I felt sure it was only a matter of time before him and Bushy started bagging up. Les had landed three decent skimmers in peg 12 and was looking good to win the silvers again. It was all going rather well for me and I hadn't lost a fish yet and I really should know better by now as it all went a bit pear shaped during the fourth hour. I didn't add any more fish with the only action being two lost foul hookers and a bumped fish.

I was still feeding my other two lines every hour but hadn't tried them yet, I was keeping an eye on both Hoff and Bish who kept trying their inside lines and would try mine if they started catching but so far they hadn't had much close in. Butch Baker was catching quite a few eels in peg 4 and could be pushing Les for the silvers money. I had three more carp in the penultimate hour, including one I mugged, and I had reached my target of twelve and had to put my third keepnet in for the first time this series. During the last hour I hooked another carp which somehow managed to find a snag in open water but I managed to get it out to put me on thirteen fish and I had number fourteen not long after. Just before the all out I hooked another which found the same snag and I couldn't believe not a single fish snagged me all day and then two in the last half an hour did! I wasn't so lucky with this one and had to pull for a break, losing my hooklength in the process.

I thought I probably had between 40-45lb and had done well from what I could see but I wasn't sure how the other end had fished with the wind blowing into it. I packed up and as I walked back to the car I asked how everybody had got on and it seemed like the other end had fished well, Paul Homewood was admitting to 30lb although his mate Jamie P reckoned it was nearer 50lb!, Chilly said he'd done okay and Dunner in peg 20 said he'd had around the same number of carp as me although he had some small ones and all of a sudden I wasn't so sure I'd done as well as I thought!

Mike T had struggled in peg 1 for 2lb 14oz and then Jamie P in peg 2 had 5lb of silvers which included a lovely tench and 29lb of carp to give him 34lb and set the early pace, he reckons he lost 20lb of fish as well! Andy Donovan had 8lb 4oz in peg 3 before snake charmer Butch had 9lb 9oz of mainly eels to go into the silvers lead. There was no one in peg 5, Oz had 13lb 4oz in peg 6 and then peg 7 was empty too. Hoff was in peg 8 and went into the lead with 34lb 5oz, just pipping Jamie P. Bish had 16lb 6oz in peg 9 and then Bushy had 34lb 8oz in peg 10 to go into the lead and the top weights were all really close.
Jamie P weighing in
Butch caught mainly eels in his 9lb 9oz
Hainsey had 25lb in peg 11 before Les had three good skimmers and a couple of eels to weigh 9lb 14oz of silvers and go into the lead. Exeter Mike had 16lb 9oz and had a massive eel that had to pushing 3lb before it was my turn. After three weighs my weight was called out at 53lb 7oz and I went into the lead although I still thought Paul or Pup might beat me and I'd be left cursing a lost fish costing me a win yet again. Picky had 19lb 8oz so I've pulled it back to 3-2 and claimed a nugget to go with the one from Mike. Peg's 16 and 17 were blank and then it was Paul's turn, he weighed 46lb 9oz to go into second place which was a cracking weight from what's been a hard peg. Chilly had 22lb 4oz, which just left Dunner and he weighed 41lb 12oz which I think is the best weight off that peg so far this series. So I'd done it, won only my fifth match at Perry St and picked up £100 which was very nice plus the all important £2 in side bets.
Les won the silvers with 9lb 14oz
Today's board
1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 53lb 7oz
2 - Paul Homewood (Taunton) - 46lb 9oz
3 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 41lb 12oz
4 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 34lb 8oz
5 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 34lb 5oz

1 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 9lb 14oz

After six matches Jamie Parkhouse still leads the league with 29 points followed by Steve Bush on 43 and Steve Osborne on 45.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ilminster AA Junior Match - Dillington Pond - 14th June 2014

I popped out the pond to see how the juniors were getting on today, it was a gorgeous sunny day and as I walked round the pond the surface was black with fish, roach, rudd and some bream could be seen swimming about. There were five youngsters fishing today and once again it was great to see so many adults giving up their time to help out. The first angler I got to was Courtney Pas who was fishing the pole and catching rudd and roach shallow.
Courtney was catching shallow on the pole
Matthew Parker was on the next peg and catching well too
Matthew Parker was on the next peg fishing the whip and he was catching shallow as well, next up was Bradley Lawrence who was swapping between the whip and the waggler and getting the odd fish as well. Matty Adams was the next peg along and was catching on the whip and short pole and last but not least was Josh Evans who was fishing the pole close to the reeds and after a slow start was getting a few fish. I did notice quite a few fish were coming off as the youngsters were shipping back which is probably down to barbless hooks and I also saw a few nice fish safely landed but they never made it to the weigh in as the various youngsters missed their keepnets!

Bradley Lawrence

Matty Adams
Josh Evans
All of the anglers were getting plenty of bites and it was looking like it would be between Courtney and Matthew for the top podium spot. Courtney was catching some decent roach and rudd whereas Matthew was getting some chunky perch.

I had to shoot off before the end but Scott Jackson kindly sent me the results and Mick Greaves took some final catch shots which he said he'd send on and as soon as he does I will add them to the blog. Some decent weights were recorded after the three hour contest with Courtney coming out on top once again.
Courtney with her winning catch

Matthew was second with 2lb 9oz

1 - Courtney Pas - 4lb 
2 - Matthew Parker - 2lb 9oz 
3 -  Matty Adams - 1lb 10oz 
4 -  Bradley Lawrence - 12oz 
5 -  Josh Evans - 9oz 
Everybody had plenty of bites and enjoyed themselves
After two matches the top five in the league look like this

1 - Courtney Pas - 8 pts 
2 - Matthew Parker - 4 pts (3lb 3oz)
3 - Matty Adams - 4 pts (2lb 14oz)
4 - Clifford Richardson - 3 pts 
5 - Bradley Lawrence - 2pts

The club would like to say a huge thank you to Scott and Mick plus all the parents who turned up to help and also to Steve Hurford who actually turned up to fish but ended up helping out as well!, and a massive thanks to the sponsors M.B.H. Industrial Services and Creasefield for your support as it's great to see companies getting involved with the juniors and helping to safeguard the future of our sport.

Thanks to Mick Greaves for the photos.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 3 - 8th June 2014

After a great days fishing in the first match I was hoping for more of the same today, on arriving at the Oak for the draw it was nice to see Bruce Hunt, Leighton Cox and Tony Newman were fishing today along with the regulars, Moses and Justin were missing today so we're not far off a decent sized match. Rob had left out pegs 16 and 24 which meant 15 and 23 were the favoured pegs. I managed to pull out peg 15 and was well happy with that, I had Fieldy next door in peg 14 and also in my section were Rob in 19 and Bruce in 23.

My peg looked nice with a willow tree on my left but with the level down due to the farmer pumping, I feared it might be a bit shallow. I mixed up some Bait Tech Pro Natural and then set up two Drennan 0.5 gram Roach floats, both had 0.12mm bottoms (as there was a good chance of some lumps today) and size 18 B611's. I plumbed up and had to go to 11.5 metres to find a decent depth and with a fence just behind me, I knew it was going to be a pain shipping in and out. Everybody was struggling to get ready for the all in so Rob gave us an extra five minutes and I was just about ready when the whistle went.
Peg 15 
I cupped in two balls of groundbait straight out at 11.5 metres and baited up with a single caster and shipped out, bites were instant and I was soon catching 1-2oz roach and rudd, Fieldy was catching two fish to my one by fishing three sections to hand but was getting a lot of small fish. After an hour I had 32 fish which I thought had to give me 3-4lb, Fieldy had double the number of fish but I didn't think there was a lot in it weight wise. The second hour was very similar for me but I wasn't getting very many net fish which was a tad worrying and I reckon I only added another 2lb or so. I couldn't really see how the others were getting on, Stu Alford in peg 4 looked to be netting the odd fish but nobody else seemed to be doing as well as Graham or me.
Pro Natural, perfect for silver fish venues
During the third hour the size of my fish didn't really increase and I felt I needed to do something as Fieldy was pulling away from me and I needed some better fish and I hoped the quality roach would show in the last couple of hours. In the meantime I started feeding hemp and caster under the willow and trying it every now and again. I started getting odd rudd and roach from here but my catch rate wasn't really improving and after three hours I was on about 84 fish whereas Fieldy was closing in on 200 fish! At the start of the fourth hour I had a burst of quality roach with a couple a cracking fish around the 12oz mark and even added a little tench of 6oz or so. The trouble was I was catching in fits and starts but Graham was like a windmill catching a fish every chuck and I couldn't see anyone catching him today despite his protests that he was catching a lot of tiny fish.

I was hoping for a good last couple of hours but if anything my swim was fading and by the looks of it Graham had slowed up as well. I was swapping between my two swims and still getting odd fish and felt if I could get to 160 fish this would give me between fifteen and twenty pounds if the fish averaged 2oz apiece. Bruce in 23 latched into a big fish and when he netted the fish it looked like a good bream but I didn't think he had much to go with it. I was hoping for a quality roach fest in the last hour but it didn't really happen and I finished short of my target with 135 fish. Five minutes before the end, Bruce hooked another lump but this one came off. Fieldy had given me a right battering with over 320 fish and I said he must have 20lb if his fish averaged 1oz each, he was still protesting he had lots of tiny fish but I'd seen him net some good fish with rudd and roach to 12oz!

I packed up and took some of my kit back to the car and then Rob and me walked up to weigh Bruce in, he said he'd only had 47 fish but had caught two bream and lost one! When he pulled his net out I knew he'd beaten me but still thought Fieldy would win, the needle settled on 18lb 10oz and we weighed the bream which went 11lb between them. Rob had a nice net of fish weighing 8lb 3oz and had caught quite a few of those lovely little tench. I was next up and not too far off with my guess for once when my weight was called at 14lb 4oz. Fieldy said he didn't have that but I wasn't believing a word of it, he pulled his net out and although there was a lot of splashing he did have lots of tiny fish, he weighed 16lb 5oz to push me down into third place and there was still the other section to come back!
Bruce with his two slabs
Rob had 8lb 3oz
I had some quality roach and rudd in my 14lb 4oz
Fieldy had 327 fish for his 16lb 5oz!
As the others came back, Leighton was the top weight in that section with 9lb 6oz so I'd managed to hang onto third place and picked up £20 plus a nugget off Steve P. So another enjoyable day with some great weights recorded and I like the fact that the whip isn't dominating and I wasn't too far off today, I just needed a bonus fish or those big roach to show in that last hour!

1 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 18lb 10oz
2 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 16lb 5oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 14lb 4oz

After three matches Graham leads with a perfect two point score followed by Stu Alford on three and me on four although that won't last as I'll miss a couple more matches.

I'm going to pop out the pond next Saturday to watch the juniors and will post the results and some photos on here when I get back.

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Perry St Pond - League 5 - 1st June 2014

I missed two matches while I was away in Thailand and I believe Mike Thomas stood in for me while I was away so huge thanks for that Mike T! Before Les did the draw for this weeks peg sequence he announced Janders and Dino had won the pairs knockout last match, well done chaps! The envelope for today was opened and it put me in peg 10, the best peg on the pond! Picky was opposite in peg 11 which is another good peg and Janders was in peg 12 so I'd be able to keep an eye on my side bets. The lovely Steve Chant was standing in for someone today and he was in peg 1 (another corner) and wanted a pound as well.
Peg 10 (before the fluff arrived!)
On reaching my peg quite a few fish could be seen moving and I was relieved that the lilies hadn't grown up too much yet. The last time I did well off this peg I caught fishing shallow in open water and wanted to try and do the same today although I would feed a line in the corner. Bait was simple today, 6mm pellets and 6mm meat with some 8mm pellets for a change of hookbait! I set up two dibbers for up in the water and a little Trabucco dibber for fishing in the corner, all rigs had 0.14mm bottoms and size 16 Kamasan B911's.

Les tooted for the start and I cupped in some meat and pellets in the corner at 13 metres before starting out in open water with the shallow rig at 11.5 metres. Dino in peg 13 got off to a flying start with a carp straight away and followed it up with another not long after! I was pinging out pellets and had my first carp after 20 mins, next chuck I've lost one which did me in the lilies but at least it felt like there were a few fish to be had shallow. Dino had caught another couple of carp and was flying with nobody else at our end catching much at all.

The early action for me proved to be a false dawn and I was soon trying in the corner, I was getting indications and hooked two carp only to suffer hook pulls on both! I was still feeding the shallow line and hooked another carp only for the hook to pull out on that one as well, this wasn't going well with the score 4-1 to the carp after the first hour! Picky had yet to catch and Janders was struggling so it looked like it was going to be hard. After a hectic start, Dino had slowed up now as well.

I managed two carp from the corner, one on banded pellet and one on meat to put me on three. I was still firing pellets on the shallow line and kept trying it as carp could be seen cruising about but it was a struggle. I was also feeding pellets by catapult into the corner. By now two hours had gone and not a lot was happening and it felt like I was messing up another good peg. During hour three I had another carp from the corner and lost my fifth carp due to yet another hook pull! Picky still hadn't caught, Janders only had a couple of fish and Exeter Mike in peg 9 had a couple of carp and a decent skimmer, Dino was still doing really well compared to the rest of us.

I kept trying shallow but it just wasn't happening so back into the corner and I've had my fifth carp on pellet, next chuck I've hooked another and it was pretty much under control when it made a surging run up the inside and I kept thinking I should add another section but didn't and of course it snapped me! I seem to do this every bloody match and it was a decent fish of 4-5lb and I just knew it would cost me at the end of the match. I tied another hook on and landed my sixth carp before a load of that poxy white fluff and other detritus blew right into the corner and I just couldn't fish it anymore.

I had no choice but to try and catch shallow out in front of me but I wasn't holding out much hope and with Picky now catching odd fish, it felt like the match was slipping away from me. I was firing out 6mm pellets and lifting and dropping the rig when the float sailed away and I had carp number seven. I then had four more in quick succession to put some daylight between me and Picky and there probably now wasn't much between me and Dino. The trouble was the white fluff was on the move again and was being a right pain, I did notice a gap open up in the corner where I had still been feeding pellets so with ten minutes left I swapped rigs and went back in the corner.

I missed a bite which resulted in the rig getting snagged, thankfully I got it back, I bumped a fish and time was fast running out, Dino hooked into another fish and with only seconds left, my float sailed away and the strike resulted in lots of green elastic streaming out of the pole tip. Les blew for the all out and both me and Dino successfully netted our carp a few minutes later. I ended up with 12 carp (and had lost six!) and Dino had 10 although it looked like he had some bigger fish. From the bankside grapevine it had sounded like it had fished hard but I didn't realise how hard until I started taking my kit back to the car. The most carp anybody had caught on our side was Bish with seven in peg 5 and Chanter in peg 1 had really struggled for just one carp and he paid me a pound.

The scales soon arrived to start the weigh in and the early leader was Bish with 29lb 14oz, Bushy had 19lb 3oz from peg 6 and Les had a cracking bream of 5lb 4oz which was looking like it might be enough to win the silvers! Exeter Mike had 16lb 15oz before it was my turn, my carp went 40lb 5oz and I just knew it wouldn't be enough to win. Picky had 18lb so I'd actually beaten him for once and the score is now 3-1 to him, things got even better when Janders had 7lb 2oz and I was another nugget better off.

Dino weighed 43lb 13oz to go into the lead and I knew that lost fish would cost me although to be fair, Dino lost fish as well. The rest of the weigh in didn't take long with some low weights and the peg numbers 15-19 have been pretty grim so far. So Dino won and I was second and picked up £80 which was nice, Bish was third, Bushy was fourth and Picky sneaked into last in the money. Les picked up the silvers pool thanks to his late bream.

So my first pick up of the series but I've now had my two corner pegs and I have no clue as to how to approach some of these middle pegs!
Today's weighboard
1 - Graham Pepper (Chard) - 43lb 13oz
2 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 40lb 5oz
3 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 29lb 14oz
4 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 19lb 3oz
5 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 18lb

1 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 5lb 4oz

I'm at Dillington next Sunday so come back then to see how I get on.

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